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Persol 3070-V

This 100% authentic Persol 3070-V square shaped eyeglass frame is perfect for the individual with a round shaped face. This great frame was carefully constructed from Zyl plastic, making it lightweight and strong, while being exceptionally comfortable. It is available in Light Brown and will best suit single vision lenses. Show off your superb style with this awesome frame!

Persol 3083-V

This is a 100% authentic Persol 3083-V. Its rectangular shape compliments the individual with an oval or round face shape. Available in both Matte Black and Matte Green colors, this sublime frame is made from a tough and lightweight Zyl plastic. Don't wait to order yourself this special frame which is suitable for single vision, progressive and bifocal lenses. Your style will be loved and admired by all your peers.

Persol 3084-V

Here is our superb 100% authentic Persol 3084-V eyeglass frame, offering a rectangular shape to ideally suit the individual with an oval face shape. This frame was produced with Zyl, a strong plastic that makes it both lightweight and durable. The 3084-V is available in Blue, Matte Black, and Matte Green, and is suitable for single vision lenses. Show off your individual sense of style with these beauties!

Persol 3013-V

This 100% authentic Persol 3013-V is a rectangular shaped eyeglass frame which will compliment individuals whose face shape is oval or round. Available in Burgundy and Green colors and built from a tough and lightweight Zyl plastic, this gorgeous frame is suitable for single vision lenses. Persol knows how to craft a bold and fun frame - this is sure to be your new favorite!

Persol 3036-V

This unisex dapper eyewear from Persol brand is simply outstanding. The plastic material is of supreme quality, thus ensuring its durability. The round shaped full rimmed frame makes this eyewear really unique. It’s comfortable to be worn. This frame measures 50mm in length across the lenses, 19mm across the bridge, and 140mm across the temples. These frames comes with our high end 1.50 prescription lenses FREE of charge.

Persol 2379-V

An original iconic design from the luxury house of Persol. This metalic round eyewear frame has adjustable temples, using Persol's patented design. The frame is highly durable and made from both high end metal and plastic. This unisex frame can be worn by both Men and Women and includes our basic 1.50 uncoated lenses free of charge.