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Why Some Glasses Just Don’t Feel Right

Some glasses just don’t feel right

They strain your eyes, don’t feel comfortable, seem to attract dirt and small scratches and show occasional color halos; especially at night.

High Quality Optical Lenses

Our Glasses address all of those issues. They are comfortable to wear all day, give you the best possible vision and easy to keep clean.

learn how we do it


Our proprietary algorithm recommends the best lens material for your prescription strength.

Your recommended lens packages provide good balance between lens thickness and optical characteristics. We will never offer you a lens that is too thick to look good in a frame or so thin that it causes peripheral distortion.


Premium Anti-Glare coating included in all lens packages.

Anti-Glare Coating sharpens your vision and reduces glare and eyestrain while making you look better. It works by eliminating reflections of light from your lens surfaces. Without reflections, light can travel through the lens and reach the eye creating a more natural image that is not obstructed by the lens surface. As an added benefit, when you wear glasses with anti-glare, your eyes are more visible, lenses are clearer and you look better. Learn more about anti-glare

You get hard Anti-Scratch and super slippery Easy Clean coatings on all lens packages.

This coating combination formula provides both hard and smooth barriers between your new lens surface and the environment. Patented sealing properties such as hydrophobic (water- repellent);oleophobic (oil-repellent, for example - oils from our skin); and anti-static coatings, will make dust and dirt less adhesive to your lens surface.

In case you’re already convinced...

We only sell frames that were tested and approved by the FDA for use in prescription glasses.

This means that all of our frames are manufactured at facilities with high standards for quality control, are ergonomic and made with high structural integrity materials that do not contain allergenic, skin/eye irritating, or any harmful components. While it may seem obvious that all consumer products should be safe, there are many well-documented cases where items that were sold online and “smuggled” into the United States contained elements like asbestos, paints and coatings with extremely high amount of lead and other harmful materials.

All orders fulfilled in the USA at our state of the art manufacturing facility.

We invested millions of dollars to purchase the most precise optical manufacturing equipment. Our knowledgeable team has over 500 years of combined experience in optical manufacturing. Quality control and customer service are provided by US licensed and certified opticians that triple inspect each order to insure you get the highest quality product.

No risk, all the reward

Purchase with confidence knowing we stand behind our product. Overnight Glasses offers 100% satisfaction, for any reason whatsoever, Free shipping and returns.

What our customers say


We Get It Right The First Time

We Get It Right

The First Time

Overnight Glasses Reviews

Blue Light

Blue Light: Everything You Need To Know

What is Blue Light?

Blue light is part of the visible light spectrum with a wave length range of 380-500 nano-meters (0.000000001 m). Blue light is located on the shorter wave length of the visible light spectrum, therefore blue light caries higher amount of energy that according to new findings can cause extensive and long term damages to the eye.



Previously, human eyes were exposed to blue light only as a part of the visible light spectrum that naturally exists in sunlight which is essential for us to function normally. Today, due to the substantial advancement in technology, humans are exposed to additional sources of blue light that is emitted by most electronic screens and LED lights. Massive integration of modern communication devices and computers into our daily activities may cause overexposure and subsequent damages to the eye and other disorders arsing from overexposure to blue light.


In the past, Exposure to Blue Light was solely from natural sunlight.


Possible harmful effects of overexposure to Blue Light

Most of us are familiar with another natural part of sunlight – U.V (Ultraviolet) light which positively help regulate many of our body functions such as production of vitamin D, which is essential in maintaining healthy skin and a positive mood. Overexposure to U.V on the other hand, is also well documented and most of us are aware of its negative effects such as skin burns, eye cataract, ‘snow blindness’ and different types of cancer. Due to this awareness, today most of eyeglasses and sunglasses lenses materials and coatings provide protection from U.V light.

Blue light research is a relatively new, but there are already available studies showing that exposure to blue light is essential in creating normal circadian rhythm in mammals. The circadian rhythm mechanism is related to production of melanopsin, a protein that is being produced in specific photosensitive cells located in the retina. As such, the natural blue light is essential for us to have normal sleep and wake cycles.  

As mentioned above modern life activities may be the source of overexposure to blue light and can cause severe health disorders that are listed below, but are not limited to:


Digital Eye Strain

The first, and most noticeable health issue associated with over exposure to blue light, is Digital Eye Strain that can cause blurry vision, headaches, dry eyes, and even neck and back pains. These symptoms have been increasingly reported, and today digital eyestrain became more known as the number one issue associated with computer work.


Disruptions of sleeping patterns

Excessive exposure to blue light may disrupt a normal production of melanopsin which is required to maintain regular wake and sleep cycles. Our eyes are made to respond to a normal 24 hour cycle and serve as the primary conduit of light signals to the brain. Exposure for longer periods of blue light than our brain perceive as normal, can increase the time it takes us to fall asleep and can also result in abnormal sleep cycles.


Age-related Macular Degeneration symptoms

Prolonged exposure of the retina to extensive blue light may cause damage to our light sensitive retina cells which will result in symptoms similar to age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and cause severe vision deterioration.


Overexposure to blue light may lead to Digital Eye Strain, Abnormal sleep-wake cycles and Macular Degeneration.


How to protect your eyes from overexposure to blue light?

It is clear that as humans living in this technological era, one can hardly avoid overexposure to the increasing amounts of blue light. It was found that users of blue light blocking eyeglasses lenses reduce digital eyestrain by half, and could be rightfully assumed that other related negative health effects of overexposure to blue Light will be reduced as well.


Blue Armor Lenses

Overnight Glasses offer to its customers’ high performance Blue Armor™ lenses that were developed specifically to substantially reduce the amounts of blue light energy absorbed by the retina. In difference from other blue light filtering lenses available in the market, Blue Armor Lenses are clear (None tinted), do not affect/reduce normal vision, while maintaining blue light blocking capabilities that according to certified third party tests, are exceeding all of ANSI Z87.1 Blue Light safety standards.


Transitions® Lenses

What are Transitions® Lenses

Transitions® Lenses are Photochromic lenses or lenses that change from light to dark based on U.V (Ultraviolet) light intensity. Transitions ® lenses are the most popular brand when it comes to photochromic lenses, and in many cases other photochromic lenses brands are mistakenly called Transitions® Lenses.

The technology of photochromic lenses

The basic technology of photochromic effect originated from molecules of different compounds of silver or organic photochromic molecules that are embedded in, or cover the front surface of a photochromic lens. These molecules are transparent to visible light without significant ultraviolet component, such as indoors artificial lighting, but when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) rays as in direct sunlight, the photochromic molecules undergo a chemical process that causes them to change shape, absorb a significant percentage of the visible light, and become darker. The process is reversible; once the lens is ‘relocated’ away from the source of UV rays, the photochromic compounds return to their transparent state and the Photochromic lens becomes clear.



Transitions® Lenses are the most popular, because historically they performed better than the other Photochromic lenses. Transitions® lenses are more sensitive to U.V light therefore are getting much darker, and convert from clear to dark faster than most brands available today when exposed to UV light. Another important quality of Transitions that the speed of conversion from clears to dark is almost twice faster than some other brands that could take as long as 10 minutes! By now you probably imagining entering dark room right from bright sunlight and waiting 10 minutes to be able to see clearly. And last, Transitions having minimal residual color or the basic lens color when the photochromic material is not activated, that could be as low as 2% or as high 30%.

Transitions® Lenses Brands

Transitions® lenses are the main brand name, but under this brand Transitions® had developed few more products to accommodate a more unique clientele. The second most popular brand by Transitions ®, is Transitions Xtra Active ®. This brand of Transitions® lenses convert darker than a basic Transitions® and can respond to light as well as to U.V intensity. This means that even though most glass windows today are protected from U.V, such as our car’s windshield glass, the lens will change to dark (to some degree) and help us see better in high light situations. This said, Overnight Glasses still believe and support polarized lenses to be the best lens when it comes to sun protection as they block glare and give the user a better and crisp vision.


Transitions Vantage™ and Drivewear ™

As we just mentioned polarized lenses are the best at sun protection, which probably brought Transitions® to develop two more Transitions® lenses; the Transitions Vantage®, and Transitions Drivewear® that was developed together with Younger Optics. Both of these Transitions® lenses are polarized and show better performance in sun protection. Transitions Vantage® is a clear lens that actually turn to a polarized lens when in contact with U.V light. Transitions Drivewear®, are light polarized yellow lenses that turn darker in the sun. Neither of these lenses are sold on the site, but if you do wish to have such lenses, please email us at [email protected] and we can give you a quote.


The price

Although Transitions® lenses are having the best performance, they tend to cost more than other photochromic brands. In order to accommodate price conscious clients we also offer our in house brand of the photochromic lenses. Our photochromic lenses show very god performance in all above mentioned categories and we consider them the second best option to Transitions lenses®.


Free Form Digital Progressive Lenses

Free form Digital Progressive Lenses

Free form Digital Progressive Lenses (FFD PALS) are Progressive lenses that are manufactured using a new digital free form technology. The new lens is far superior to conventional progressive lenses but not as widely spread as the older designs.

Free form Digital Progressive Lenses versus Conventional Progressives Lenses.

In The last two decades, tremendous technological advancements and computer modeling enabled lens manufactures to develop and produce a new kind of Free Form Digital Progressive Lens (FFD PALs). This lens has many substantial advantages over a conventional progressive lens, providing the user with an almost perfect, distortion free, vision correction at all ranges.

Wider Field Of Vision

The first and perhaps the most important to the user, is that free form Digital Progressive Lenses provides a much wider field of vision. The first reason for this is that the visual correction design in FFD PALs is created on the back of the lenses rather than on the front. This allows to eliminate the key hole effect* common to conventional progressive lenses. In addition, computer aided surface designer software (Digital Ray Path) largely eliminates peripheral distortion and provides a field of vision that is around 20% wider than in a conventional progressive lens.


Free form digital progressive lenses are called Free form because they can be fully customized. Manufactures of the lenses are not limited by a fixed or a static design, but can fully customize your vision correction for optimal results. In the same way a tailor fit you with a new outfit, different personal measurements are taken into the account. Measurements such the distance between the eye and the lens, angle at which lenses are placed relatively to the eyes and in some cases even the shape of the eye. These enables us to create a fully customized progressive lens that will give you the patient, the highest possible vision performance.



In the old days, optical manufacturing equipment was capable to produce progressive lenses with a precision of 0.12 diopters. New Digital Free form Progressive Lenses are made using the digital ray path technology software which allows us to manufacture a lens that is precise up to 0.0001 diopters. Almost the entire surface of the lenses will be used for proper visual correction. This technology also enabled us to produce a top performing progressive lens that can be used in wrap-around (high curve) sun and sports eyewear.

What our customers think?

When you buy progressive lenses from us you get the absolutely best designs. In the last five years, Overnight Glasses dispensed several thousand Free Form digital Progressive and Single vision lenses to customers that had experience with older lens designs that were manufactured on conventional equipment. Our findings were, that customers who had a difficulty to adapt when changing their prescription, reduced it to almost zero, and that most of the users expressed owe and gratitude for enabling them to experiences the new technology. One very common opinion was that the experience of wearing these new lenses can be described as if they have just changed from a very old TV to the ` latest model of Digital 4K HD TV. The Bottom line is, using Free form digital progressive lenses for vision correction is improving quality of life.


Our Promise

We guarantee that the free form digital progressive lenses we manufacture, are the most technologically advanced and most user friendly. 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.

*In the same way we peep through a keyhole, you are able capture more of the image the closer the keyhole is to your eye.

What Are Progressive Lenses

What Are Progressive Lenses

Designed to correct near- and far-sighted vision, prgressive lenses ensure the wearer will experience a smooth transition as they view the world through different lens powers. This blended lens technology allows people to use the same glasses for reading, driving, and everyday activities without having to change frames. Used to correct Presbyopia and other conditions, progressive lenses help the wear use all their prescriptions without an aggressive jump between lens powers.

what are progressive lenses

progressive lenses vs bifocals.

As we mature we gain several perks such as wisdom, independence and prosperity but the most of us will also require multifocal vision correction. The bifocal lenses, invented by American genius Benjamin Franklin are well known for hundreds of years and still have much popularity. As the name states, a bifocal lens is meant to correct 2 distances of vision, and all that is between these ranges stay out of focus. Furthermore, the lens show a ‘D’ shaped window that proclaiming loudly ‘this person is old’. This is also true for Trifocal lenses, that has 3 instead of 2 windows and as well, requires these aggressive transitions (image jumps) between different vision corrections.

Bifocal lenses

Progressive lenses are the only solution that allows uninterrupted vision correction from farthest to closest objects, and designed to follow the natural movement of the eyes while adjusting the focus from distance to proximity. . In addition to the performance, Progressive lenses do not have a distinctive line or window that bi-focal or tri-focal lenses has, thus removing the loud declaration of age from the user’s face.

woman wearing bifocal lenses  

Bifocal Lenses

Notice the clear visibility of the magnifying window.

  woman wearing progressive lenses  

Progressive Lenses

Notice there is no magnifying window visible.


Our modern lives provide us with many new challenges for which a clear intermediate field of vision is a complete must. A perfect example for such can be: our office environment, which require us to be able to see clear our desk, keyboard, computer screen and the intermediate surrounding.

The short history of Progressive Lenses

The first experimental designs of progressive lenses appeared as early as 1907 but were only commercially available in 1955, offered by Younger optics. Compared with today’s advanced Freeform Progressive Lenses, these first progressives were relatively crude with serious problems of adaptation but yet, started the trend.

Progressive lenses design was improved significantly by several manufactures and designers in the next 40 years. The significant improvement of adaptation and comfort happened during 1972, with the introduction of the Varilux2 design. In the early 90’s the problem of peripheral aberration and distortion was still a major cause of difficulty to adapt to progressive lenses and was determined to relate to the general design of the progressive lenses: The lens was designed having a clear vision area which located in the middle of the lens, above, through and below an optical center that is also known as the optical axis. The more your eye deviates outside this ‘magic’ corridor, you will experience an increased distortion, swim and sway effects. These affects are experienced differently and depends on the progressive lens design. Some designs did offer a wider area of reading and intermediate to try and counter these effects but designers had reached to a point that further improvements using existing technology was impossible. The first breakthrough came in April 1997, with Seiko’s first backside progressive addition lenses. Seiko discovered that when moving the progressive lens design to the back of the lens it allowed the user a significantly lower distortion area, therefore a much wider viewing area. Other positive aspects included lower swim and sway affects which allowed faster adaptation and a lower rejection rate. digital progressive lenses and regular progressive lenses visibility  

As technology continued to evolve, faster and better computers are now able to control this digitally designed production which resulted in today’s most advanced high definition, freeform, digital progressive lenses. These type of lenses can be individually tailored to any user, his activities and needs.


What Progressive Lenses Overnight Glasses make?


At overnight Glasses we use SEIKO, IOT, Varilux, and SHAMIR progressive lenses designs, and together with the industry’s most advanced digital production equipment we are able to deliver one of the best progressive lenses seen in the market today. Our progressive lenses production, combined with our excellent Anti-Glare coating and Hard Coating, deliver a lens that improves your vision when conducting night driving, office work, and sport activities.

High quality glasses online

Making the right choice when buying glasses online

So you have decided to purchase your next pair of glasses online. For many reasons, you have made the right choice, but there are many online retailers that sell glasses online. Each retailer has its own limitations and benefits and it is very important to find one that will ultimately deliver the most bang for your buck.

The concerns of buying glasses online

Many of the retailers that sell glasses online are actually located and manufacturing outside of the USA. These manufactures are mainly concern with lowering costs in order for them to deliver a final product that will have the lowest price. This low price has additional unseen costs attached to. As of this date, no one is regulating overseas manufactures of prescription eyeglasses for the use of materials prohibited from import to the USA which can cause headaches, skin irritation, eye-strain and can even escalate to migraines and severe allergic reactions. Other minor disadvantages of these manufactures can be very long waiting time of few weeks and customer service who are not experienced to give you the support you need.


So why not a brick and mortar retailer?

As users of eyeglasses, we depend on these medical vision correction devices to perform efficiently throughout our day. This is why many of us prefer and used to visit our local eyewear retailer for our eyeglasses so we may guarantee they work properly. Each and every pair of eyeglasses we purchase at our local retailer has been inspected both at the manufacturing lab and also by our personal optician. But this will also have additional cost attached to which in some cases deter us and cause us to downgrade from the product we really need.

Overnight Glasses provides solutions

Seeing these issues, and most importantly, experiencing these issues ourselves, we have decided to take action. Thus, Overnight Glasses was created to counter and improve current industry standards and provide you, the user, with a product that exceeds your current expectations.

How we do it

Having the highest grade of lenses and eyewear frames is important to us as much as it important to you. This is why we have compiled a team of caring individuals from all aspects of the prescription eyeglasses industry such as dispensing and manufacturing glasses, all with substantial experience and a record for making prescription eyeglasses, while supporting the consumers. Up to now, we have accumulated the combined experience of over 150 years (and growing) in manufacturing and dispensing the best prescription glasses for the best possible price guaranteed! Our staff members, families, friends and even friends of friends are all purchasing glasses online from Overnight Glasses and will religiously continue you to so. Not only because our eyeglasses are well made and for an affordable price, but mainly because we listen to our customers and make our experience available to you an email or phone call away. As our motto state, ‘We don’t mass produce eyeglasses we tailor them.

What our customers think?

In the last five years, Overnight Glasses dispensed several thousand Free Form digital Progressive and Single vision lenses to customers that had experience with older lens designs that were manufactured on conventional equipment. Our findings were, that customers who had a difficulty to adapt when changing their prescription, reduced it to almost zero, and that most of the users expressed owe and gratitude for enabling them to experiences the new technology. One very common opinion was that the experience of wearing these new lenses can be described as if they have just changed from a very old TV to the latest model of Digital 4K HD TV. The Bottom line is, using Free form digital progressive lenses for vision correction is improving quality of life.





U.S made Guaranteed

In order to support such statements, we believe that all prescription glasses online should be made in the U.S. Yes, the obvious reasons will be faster shipping and you can speak with an American certified, experienced opticians, but the real reason is that there are standards to be maintained. Standards such as frame materials, lenses integrity, and coatings are being supervised by our FDA and must oblige The American National Standard (ANSI).

The difference can be seen (literally)

We emphasis and maintain on our personnel quality, but in order to make the best pair of glasses you also require the best equipment. Overnight Glasses use the most advanced and new lens or prescription manufacturing equipment by brands that are tested worldwide to produce the absolutely most accurate prescriptions on distance, near, bifocal, and digital free-form progressive prescription types. To compliment a good lens one must also have good coating. As glasses users we tend to scratch our lenses and while this is never unavoidable, Overnight Glasses takes measures to insure the longevity of your new purchased eyeglasses lenses by providing free of charge anti-scratch and U.V protection on all of our lenses (excluding the basic uncoated 1.50) that prolong the life of your lenses but also improve object sharpness such as our signature premium anti-glare and easy- clean coatings.


Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back

We are always doing our best to give you the best pair of glasses online and guarantee the most bang for your back. If for any reason whatsoever, you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply free ship the product back to us and we will try our best to correct it as fast as possible or fully refund you.

How to take care of your frames and clean your eyeglasses lenses

How to take care of your frames and clean your eyeglasses lenses


If your nose pads look like this, you should probably clean your eyeglasses

Sweat coming in contact with your nose pads causes greenish deposits and discoloration of the eyeglass frames. Especially if this specific eyewear is made from cheap materials that were not tested by professionals in the United States.
As mentioned above, Eyeglass lenses, which are the most important component of the glasses, are also affected by dust and biological materials. Lenses that are dirty lose their light permeability and will cause your vision sharpness to go down and as a result you will not get your much desired vision correction effect.


Scratched and dirty lenses will impair your vision

Furthermore, this combination of dust and fat creates an abrasive mixture that can cause scratches on the lenses and permanently damage the lenses which will require a lenses replacement. By now you can probably understand the importance of cleaning your eyeglasses but not all methods created equal. Based on our vast experience of reviewing thousands of eyewear frames and lenses, we have compiled the below easy to follow guide that will explain how to properly clean your eyeglasses but will also explain how to avoid damaging your new lenses.

Scratched and dirty lenses will impair your vision

Buy Good Eyeglasses

The first step of cleaning your eyeglasses, is making sure your eyeglasses are cleanable. Always buy your glasses from reputable provider that uses frames and lenses made from materials that have been approved by FDA. To be on the safe side, buy from manufacturers that are physically located in the USA as they must maintain ANSI standards and using eyeglasses materials approved by FDA. Overnight Glasses Exceeds All ANSI standards and committed to comply with all of the Food and Drug Administration regulations.

Add Protective Coatings

Overnight Glasses recommends to buy your lenses with high quality Antireflection (Anti-Glare) multi coating that includes a hydrophobic layer that reject water soluble and pollutants. Overnight Glasses not only recommends these features but we also add them by default to all of our standard Anti-Glare coatings and considered by us to be a mandatory coating for all eyeglasses lenses. In order to make your glasses lenses resist oil, fat, and dust an Oleo phobic coating layer can be added that will make the lens surface more slippery and help maintain a cleaner surface. All of our premium Anti-Glare multi coatings contain these layers as well as providing Super Hard anti-scratch coating that significantly increase eyeglass lenses protection. Overnight Glasses also offer our Easy-Clean coating that can be added to any lens in order to make it even easier to clean and provide additional scratch protection.

Clean Your Eyeglasses

Every morning, before wearing your glasses, wash your frame and lenses with running warm water and mild soap (use soap without lotions and skin moisturizers), and dry them afterwards with a soft lens cleaning cloth (provided with every order) or a facial tissue paper. Good quality eyeglasses lenses made in the USA will never be damaged by water and soap. In contrary, we don’t recommend using this method on all eyeglasses frames as cheap eyeglasses frames may lose their protective coating and create this ugly looking greenish sediment when contacted with water or worse.


Always use a good quality microfiber cloth

Keep Lenses Clean

When Water and soap is not an option such as when in the car or any other environment where there is no access to such, you may also a use special lens cleaning solutions and our microfiber lens cleaning cloth. Using cotton and synthetic materials such as a shirt, may scratch the lenses, especially in cheap eyeglasses were the coating was not done properly in order to minimize costs.

Avoid Excessive Heat

Don’t leave your glasses inside the vehicle. Especially in the summer, eyeglasses left in the car will get exposed to direct sunlight. Excessive heat can damage eyeglass lenses and lenses coating as well as cause plastic frames discoloration, deformation and loss of shape

Avoid Contact With Rough Surfaces

When your eyewear is not in use, never lay your glasses lenses faced down. It may cause scratches on the lenses especially if the surface is not smooth or when glasses are in a moving vehicle.


It’s important to keep your lens surface away from rough surfaces

Why All Prescription Eyeglasses need to be made in the U.S?

Why All Prescription Eyeglasses need to be made in the U.S?

The issues with Prescription Eyeglasses made outside the U.S

Many individuals, while ordering Prescription Eyeglasses online are looking for cheap glasses, cheap eyeglass frames, inexpensive prescription eyeglasses, and eyeglasses for cheap, while price is the still the main factor when deciding to purchase a product, eyeglasses are a medical device and as such, there are standards and regulations created to protect consumers from potentially dangerous products.

The dangers of cheap eyeglass frames can be from its materials, especially metals that can cause allergies and skin irritations or prescription eyeglasses having lenses made from materials that are simply illegal to import into USA due to safety reasons.

The search for cheap designer prescription glasses can lead to seemingly great deals, while in reality these designer eyeglass frames are fake in different levels of imitation, made from very different materials compared to a real designer frame.

Why make Prescription Eyeglasses in the U.S?

Today, having an advanced level of technology, logistics, and communication, there is no reason that any person, will not be able to enjoy several pairs of high quality eye glasses in the same way as several pairs of shoes or any other life essential item without compromising quality and other health related requirements set forward by the US Food and Drug Administration and other State and Federal regulating bodies.

Each and every pair of eyeglasses we offer on this website is manufactured in the USA using the most advanced equipment and from materials certified by FDA for this purpose and by licensed American specialists. All eyeglasses dispensed by Overnight Glasses to our customers is inspected by certified opticians acceding the American National Standard (ANSI) and yet we offer it for the price of inexpensive running shoes.

As an American company, we have a commitment to Americans. This is why Overnight Glasses is committed to contribute 10% of its profits to people in need for eyeglasses and support organizations such as the Wounded Warrior project that help those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.