• Select from thousands of available eyewear frames designs and colors
  • Filter selection by matching frames to your size and need
  • After selecting your desired frame proceed to select your lenses.
  • Select prescription type based on your prescribing doctor’s recommendation.
  • Enter your prescription values for SPH, CYL, Axis (if has a CYL value), Add (required for Bifocals and Progressive types) and the PD.
    • No PD no Problem: Please click here for assistance with missing PD.
  • On the next prescription Step, Select your lenses colors. This should be based on the activity you will use your glasses for. Such as clear lenses for indoors, polarized lenses for outdoors and Transitions ® lenses for both indoors and outdoors.
  • Finally you can select your lens material. The material selection should be based on the required activity and thinness of the lenses. Such as Polycarbonate if for children or Trivex for ultimate lens clarity and lightness. You may also email or call our certified optician staff to get our recommendations that will best suit your need.
  • Enter your shipping details and select your shipping speed.
  • Checkout at ease knowing that your order and satisfaction are fully guaranteed.

Order Process Images