Progressive Lenses For Any Lifestyle | Widest Viewing Angle

Your Life style demands fully personalized
Free Form Progressive Lenses with
Digital Ray Technology™

The Perfect Progressive
Lenses For You

I need lenses for:

For driving

For driving

Fully personalized progressive lens specially designed for driving. It has a wide clear area of binocular vision in far distance combined with a wide corridor and soft transitions to offer the best comfort while driving.

Daily usage

General daily usage

Fully personalized design with a balance between distance and near vision. Highly recommended for experienced and demanding progressive wearers who are looking for an all-purpose, comfortable progressive lens with wider visual fields at all distances.

Office computer


Occupational lenses that offer wide intermediate and near visual fields to provide the wearer clear vision at short distances.

Sport activities


Fully personalized progressive lens exclusively for outdoor activities. This design offers a clear area of binocular vision in far distance and it is the ideal lens for dynamic outdoor conditions.