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aviator prescription glasses


You’d be hard-pressed to find a frame style as iconic as aviators. The versatile design works great with both masculine and feminine looks, which makes it easy to grab a pair, slide them on and go about your day knowing they’ll flow effortlessly with just about any outfit - regardless of your gender. Thanks to their timeless design, they never really went out of style, but today there’s no denying that their popularity is seeing a bit of a resurgence this year. A quick stroll down the boardwalk on a sunny day is all it takes to spot dozens of people rocking aviator prescription sunglasses. If you stop in a cafe, you're bound to see a handful of people hovering over their laptops with aviator-style frames as a base for their reading lenses. Whether you’re looking for prescription sunglasses made the same day or frames for all-day wear, aviator prescription glasses could give you just the look you’re going for.

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  • Designer

    • prescription-glasses-model-Calvin-Klein-CK18106-Silver-Navy-45
    • prescription-glasses-model-Calvin-Klein-CK18106-Silver-Navy-FRONT

    Calvin Klein CK18106

    • Silver NavySilver Navy
  • Premium

    • Prescription Glasses Model FX10-BLACK-45
    • Prescription Glasses Model FX10-BLACK-FRONT

    FX 10

    • BlackBlackCoffeeCoffeeGunmetalGunmetal
  • Designer

    • prescription-glasses-model-Ray Ban-RB8064V-Pewter-45
    • prescription-glasses-model-Ray Ban-RB8064V-Pewter-Front

    Ray Ban RB8064V

    • GoldGoldAntique GoldAntique Gold
  • Designer

    • prescription-glasses-model-Nike-7281-Matte-Black-45
    • prescription-glasses-model-Nike-7281-Matte-Black-FRONT

    Nike 7281

    • Black GradientBlack GradientMatte BlackMatte BlackMatte BrownMatte BrownMatte GreyMatte Grey
  • Economy



    • Black GoldBlack GoldDemi AmberDemi Amber
  • Designer

    • prescription-glasses-model-Calvin Klein-CK19152-Satin Silver-45
    • prescription-glasses-model-Calvin Klein-CK19152-Satin Silver-Front

    Calvin Klein CK19152

    • Satin SilverSatin Silver
  • Designer

    • prescription-glasses-model-Flexon-B2003-Matte-Black-45
    • prescription-glasses-model-Flexon-B2003-Matte-Black-FRONT

    Flexon B2003

    • GunmetalGunmetalLight GunmetalLight GunmetalMatte BlackMatte Black
  • Designer

    • prescription-glasses-model-Calvin-Klein-CK20703-color-Clear-Grey-45
    • prescription-glasses-model-Calvin-Klein-CK20703-color-Clear-Grey-FRONT

    Calvin Klein CK20703

    • Clear GreyClear Grey
  • Designer

    • prescription-glasses-model-Nike-8151-Satin Black -45
    • prescription-glasses-model-Nike-8151-Satin Black -Front

    Nike 8151

    • Satin BlackSatin Black
  • Designer

    • prescription-glasses-model-Calvin Klein CK18511-Grey Havana-45
    • prescription-glasses-model-Calvin Klein CK18511-Grey Havana-FRONT

    Calvin Klein CK18511

    • Grey HavanaGrey HavanaNavy HavanaNavy Havana
  • Economy

    • prescription-glasses-model-Capri-US120-Crystal-45
    • prescription-glasses-model-Capri-US120-Crystal-FRONT

    US 120

    • BlackBlackBlueBlueCrystalCrystal
  • Economy

    • Prescription Glasses Model UM72-GREY-45
    • Prescription Glasses Model UM72-GREY-FRONT

    UM 72

    • GreyGrey
  • Economy

    • Prescription Glasses Model PT55-COFFEE-45
    • Prescription Glasses Model PT55-COFFEE-FRONT

    PT 55

    • CoffeeCoffeeGoldGoldGunmetalGunmetal
  • Economy

    • prescription-glasses-model-Capri-U217-Blue-45
    • prescription-glasses-model-Capri-U217-Blue-FRONT

    U 217

    • BlackBlackBlueBlueGreyGrey
  • Premium

    • Prescription Glasses Model RIDE91195-BLACK-BLACK-45
    • Prescription Glasses Model RIDE91195-BLACK-BLACK-FRONT


    • BlackBlackBlack ClearBlack ClearBlack OrangeBlack Orange
  • Designer

    • prescription-glasses-model-Michael-Kors-MK3048-Black-45
    • prescription-glasses-model-Michael-Kors-MK3048-Black-FRONT

    Michael Kors MK3048

    • BlackBlack
  • Economy


    PT 98

    • GoldGoldGunmetalGunmetal
  • Designer

    • prescription-glasses-model-Emporio Armani-EA1107-Matte Black Gunmetal -45
    • prescription-glasses-model-Emporio Armani-EA1107-Matte Black Gunmetal -Front

    Emporio Armani EA1107

    • Matte Black GunmetalMatte Black Gunmetal