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oversized prescription glasses

Oversized Prescription Glasses

Oversized glasses are among the most popular frames available on the market right now. They offer a range of protective functions while communicating a chic, in-vogue, heart-breaker vibe. Wide frame glasses provide more complete UV protection while complementing any ensemble.
Oversized glasses are bold and classy, fun, and friendly. Because of their size, they are a big part of any first impression. Why not project the best parts of your personality by choosing oversized frames that speak for themselves.

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    • prescription-glasses-model-Oakley-Clubface-Satin-Olive-45
    • prescription-glasses-model-Oakley-Clubface-Satin-Olive-FRONT

    Oakley Clubface

    • Satin OliveSatin Olive
  • Designer

    • prescription-glasses-Ray-Ban-RB5228-5711-45
    • prescription-glasses-Ray-Ban-RB5228-5799-FRONT

    Ray Ban RB5228

    • Blue TortoiseBlue Tortoise
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    • Ray Ban RB3747 Gold Tortoise – Overnight Glasses

    Ray Ban RB3747V

    • Gold TortoiseGold Tortoise
  • Designer

    • prescription-glasses-model-Oakley-Crosslink-MNP-A-Matte-Black-Blue-45
    • prescription-glasses-model-Oakley-Crosslink-MNP-A-Matte-Black-Blue-FRONT

    Oakley Crosslink MNP

    • Matte Black BlueMatte Black Blue
  • Economy



    • BlackBlackBrownBrownTortoiseTortoise
  • Economy

    • Prescription Glasses Model U204-BLACK-45
    • Prescription Glasses Model U204-BLACK-FRONT

    U 204

    • BlackBlackBrownBrownWineWine
  • Economy

    • Prescription Glasses Model VP212-Black-45
    • VP212-Black-FRONT

    VP 212

    • BlackBlackGoldGoldGunmetalGunmetal
  • Economy

    • Prescription Glasses Model U207-BLACK-45
    • Prescription Glasses Model U207-BLACK-FRONT

    U 207

    • BlackBlackBrownBrownTortoiseTortoise
  • Premium

    • Prescription Glasses Model DC141-Tortoise-45
    • Prescription Glasses Model DC141-Tortoise-FRONT

    DC 141

    • TortoiseTortoise
  • Premium

    • Prescription Glasses Model DC316-BLACK-45
    • Prescription Glasses Model DC316-BLACK-FRONT

    DC 316

    • BlackBlackGreyGrey
  • Premium


    GR 802

    • BlackBlackGunmetalGunmetal
  • Premium


    VP 111

    • BlackBlackBrownBrown
  • Premium

    • Prescription Glasses Model DC310-BLACK-45
    • Prescription Glasses Model DC310-BLACK-FRONT

    DC 310

    • BlackBlackGunmetalGunmetal
  • Designer

    • prescription-glasses-Ray-Ban-RB5150-5715-45
    • prescription-glasses-Ray-Ban-RB5150-5715-FRONT

    Ray Ban RB5150

    • Mauve Blue TortoiseMauve Blue Tortoise
  • Designer

    • prescription-glasses-model-Versa 99988-Tortoise -45
    • prescription-glasses-model-Versa 99988-Tortoise -FRONT

    Versa 99988

    • BlackBlackMatte BlackMatte BlackTortoiseTortoise
  • Designer

    • Ray-Ban Prescription Glasses Model RB4246-V-2012-45
    • Ray-Ban Prescription Glasses Model RB4246-V-2012-FRONT

    Ray Ban CLUBROUND RB4246-V

    • TortoiseTortoise
  • Designer

    • prescription-glasses-model-Emporio-Armani-EA3142-5089-45
    • prescription-glasses-model-Emporio-Armani-EA3142-5089-FRONT

    Emporio Armani EA3142

    • TortoiseTortoise
  • Economy

    • Prescription Glasses Model WISDOM-BLACK-45
    • Prescription Glasses Model WISDOM-BLACK-FRONT


    • BlackBlackTortoiseTortoise

Are wide frame glasses right for me?

When buying oversized glasses, not everyone realizes they are investing in a cute, classy, ultra-chic look that will last. While wide frame glasses are on-trend, they aren’t going away anytime soon, making them an ideal investment.

At Oakley, eyeglass frame style is about function. They’ve designed eyewear for your day-to-day purpose, not just aesthetics that may not fit your lifestyle. Gamers, athletes, learning and more - Oakley designs their eyewear around the wearer’s life and specific visual needs.Aviator glasses are the original oversized glasses, designed to maximize UV protection while minimizing glare. Oversized glasses are also commonly sold with a strong browline and as large round or oval frames.

Those with square or angular faces, oval face shapes, and large faces will find it much easier to shop for and find the perfect pair of large frames. For round faces or small heads, it may take a little longer to identify that perfect pair. Those with round faces may consider going with aviators or large browline frames. Sharp angular lines will complement the soft features of round faces.

Luckily, there’s enough variety in the selection at Overnight Glasses that we are confident anyone can find the perfect pair. Remember that statement glasses are meant to be prominent and noticeable, so it’s less about face shape and more about the presence the wearer has.

Oversized Glasses Frames

Oversized frames are statement frames. Choosing the frames that make a statement about who you are and what the first impression you want to make is a crucial part of the frame selection process.

One of the best ways to describe the birth of the large frame glasses trend is oversized aviator glasses. Aviators are the original oversized glasses. They were designed strictly for utility purposes. Large framed aviators had to be oversized to maximize protection from UV rays and glare. Now, they are a distinctive style in their own right. Aviators make for great prescription glasses because they can fit nearly any prescription. They are ideal for any face shape when used as statement glasses, making aviators the must-have staple for everyone who wears glasses.

Oversized glasses also come in a browline style that is characterized by a thick top bar. Considered a more artful approach to oversized glasses, the browline is meant to frame the eyes in bold colors and color combos. Those who are always getting compliments on their eyes will be highlighting their best feature. Choose a tortoiseshell or two-tone palette that will brighten the wearer’s eye color without competing for attention.

Many oversized glasses are large round frames. These are ideal for those with square, angular, or oval faces. Square shaped faces, in particular, should make sure they select large frames that are as wide or wider than the broadest part of their face. Oversized round glasses tend to take on a vintage, and retro feel that will appeal to those who enjoy adding a touch of class, and who use their frames as the finishing touch to their look.

Pros and cons of wide frame glasses

Oversized glasses have a function - to be seen. These aren’t glasses to wear when someone wants to blend in.

They’re versatile. Large frame glasses and large frame sunglasses are an excellent choice for men and women. They often communicate concepts like travel and adventure, iconic celebrity, and unapproachable influencer prowess.

Men’s large frame glasses will often share a different impression than women’s large frame glasses. For example, men’s glasses are more likely to communicate a sense of adventure, a calm, towering personality, or a confident presence. Women’s wide frame glasses often communicate an aesthetic of unapproachable celebrity, hidden beauty, mystery, and melodrama.

Large frame sunglasses and glasses are also ideal for activities like sitting in quiet reflection, socializing with fellow influencers, and gathering in bold settings. However, high-movement days like working out, hiking, running, and generally being sporty, should be reserved for more athletic frames. Oversized frame glasses aren’t practical for physical activity because of their size and weight.

Everyone can find large frames that will suit their aesthetic and face. Even though there may be a day-to-day pair that stays on the nightstand, everyone should keep a pair of wide frame glasses handy for coastal drives with the top down, casual meet-ups where people go to be seen, and high-style gatherings where a bold first impression is everything.