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prescription glasses fast delivery

Prescription glasses fast delivery

Get single vision

Glasses in 24 hours


progressive or bifocal glasses

in 3 days!

At Overnight Glasses we understand the importance of having the ability to see properly, and that sometimes emergencies do happen. Prescription glasses get lost, stolen, eaten or destroyed by our most loved ones and we just can't wait to see properly again. Many of us require vision correction glasses so we can function properly throughout our day and this is why we offer our 24 hours, glasses overnight shipping Service. Single Vision glasses will be delivered in 24 hours or the following day and Multi-focal: Bifocal or Progressive glasses in just 3 days.


The 24 Hours Glasses Service

Free overnight shipping included with every order

Our rush services delivery is fast, perhaps the fastest prescription glasses production and delivery available with any order online retailer today. In order for us to be ship your glasses on time, we move your order to the front of the line, attach our dedication optician, and start production immediately.Our production support team will do anything humanly possible to make and ship your glasses the same day.

Included 3-6 Days Fast Service

Get Glasses in less than 6 days with UPS 2-Days air delivery.

After delivering thousands of orders in less than 24 hours, we have learned that in many situations our customers just want to get glasses in less than a week and not necessarily need it the next day. This is why we now offer a 3-6 days option for those who need glasses fast. If you selected this option, you will wear your new glasses in 3-6 days Guaranteed. Included with every order.

fastest prescription glasses


Orders must be placed before 12pm PST for us to be able to catch the UPS Overnight Service planes before they depart.

Refunds and Discounts are eligible only if shipping didn't arrive as promised.

FI-41 tint orders require an additional day to process due to tinting curing time.

Three-Piece or rimless frames might take an additional day to process due to the complexity of work required to mount the lenses. We will do our best to ship them same day.

Glasses overnight production and shipping service is available only on business days: Monday through Friday. Orders placed Friday will deliver on Saturday

postal service providers
postal service providers

Other Shipping & Handling Information

Your glasses overnight order is shipped with UPS Overnight Service. For regular shipping, We use several different postal service providers such as UPS (United Parcel Service), USPS (United States postal Service) and FedEx (Federal Express) as our main shipping options.