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Calvin Klein is considered the original American fashion house. The global lifestyle brand exemplifies a bold, progressive aesthetic with distribution in over 110 countries. They design collections for men and women who are looking for the right blend of sophistication and modernity. Those who embody the modern provocateur will find that Calvin Klein eyewear accentuates their striking, artistic vibe. Influencers will discover the styling, detailing and craftsmanship they’ve been seeking when styling their latest wardrobe choices.

The Calvin Klein brand brings together seductive minimalism while seeking to thrill and inspire with striking designs that engage the senses. Mixed materials, such as metals and plastics, offer sharp lines that accentuate the face. Their wide range of distinctive color palettes and silhouettes means anyone can find the perfect Calvin Klein prescription glasses for any season, any gender, and any skin tone.

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  • Designer

    • prescription-glasses-model-Calvin-Klein-CK18512-Blue-Tortoise-45
    • prescription-glasses-model-Calvin-Klein-CK18512-Blue-Tortoise-FRONT

    Calvin Klein CK18512

    • Blue TortoiseBlue Tortoise
  • Designer

    • prescription-glasses-model-Calvin-Klein-CK18124-color-Gunmetal-45
    • prescription-glasses-model-Calvin-Klein-CK18124-color-Gunmetal-FRONT

    Calvin Klein CK18124

    • GunmetalGunmetalStriped Brown GunmetalStriped Brown Gunmetal
  • Designer

    • prescription-glasses-model-Calvin-Klein-CK19105-color-Blue-Havana-45
    • prescription-glasses-model-Calvin-Klein-CK19105-color-Blue-Havana-FRONT

    Calvin Klein CK19105

    • Blue HavanaBlue HavanaGreenGreen
  • Designer

    • prescription-glasses-model-Calvin-Klein-CK19521-color-Red-45
    • prescription-glasses-model-Calvin-Klein-CK19521-color-Red-FRONT

    Calvin Klein CK19521

    • RedRed
  • Designer

    • prescription-glasses-model-Calvin-Klein-CK19572-Crystal-Brown-45
    • prescription-glasses-model-Calvin-Klein-CK19572-Crystal-Brown-FRONT

    Calvin Klein CK19572

    • Crystal BrownCrystal Brown
  • Designer

    • prescription-glasses-model-Calvin-Klein-CK20504-Clear-Grey-45
    • prescription-glasses-model-Calvin-Klein-CK20504-Clear-Grey-FRONT

    Calvin Klein CK20504

    • Clear GreyClear GreyTortoiseTortoise
  • Designer

    • prescription-glasses-model-Calvin-Klein-CK18108-color-Red-Gold-45
    • prescription-glasses-model-Calvin-Klein-CK18108-color-Red-Gold-FRONT

    Calvin Klein CK18108

    • Brown GoldBrown GoldRed GoldRed Gold
  • Designer

    • prescription-glasses-model-Calvin-Klein-CK18120-color-Matte-Indigo-45
    • prescription-glasses-model-Calvin-Klein-CK18120-color-Matte-Indigo-FRONT

    Calvin Klein CK18120

    • Matte IndigoMatte Indigo
  • Designer

    • prescription-glasses-model-Calvin-Klein-CK20107-Tortoise-45
    • prescription-glasses-model-Calvin-Klein-CK20107-Tortoise-FRONT

    Calvin Klein CK20107

    • TortoiseTortoise
  • Designer

    • prescription-glasses-model-Calvin-Klein-CK19506-Clear-brown-45
    • prescription-glasses-model-Calvin-Klein-CK19506-Clear-brown-FRONT

    Calvin Klein CK19506

    • BlueBlueClear BrownClear Brown
  • Designer

    • prescription-glasses-model-Calvin-Klein-CK20703-color-Clear-Grey-45
    • prescription-glasses-model-Calvin-Klein-CK20703-color-Clear-Grey-FRONT

    Calvin Klein CK20703

    • Clear GreyClear GreyNavyNavy
  • Designer

    • prescription-glasses-model-Calvin-Klein-CK18106-Gunmetal-45
    • prescription-glasses-model-Calvin-Klein-CK18106-Gunmetal-FRONT

    Calvin Klein CK18106

    • GunmetalGunmetalSilver NavySilver Navy
  • Designer

    • prescription-glasses-model-Calvin-Klein-CK21101-Gold-45
    • prescription-glasses-model-Calvin-Klein-CK21101-Gold-FRONT

    Calvin Klein CK21101

    • GoldGoldGunmetalGunmetal
  • Designer

    • prescription-glasses-model-Calvin Klein CK18511-Grey Havana-45
    • prescription-glasses-model-Calvin Klein CK18511-Grey Havana-FRONT

    Calvin Klein CK18511

    • Gold Green HavanaGold Green HavanaGrey HavanaGrey HavanaNavy HavanaNavy Havana
  • Designer

    • prescription-glasses-model-Calvin Klein CK18119-Gunmetal-45
    • prescription-glasses-model-Calvin Klein CK18119-Gunmetal-FRONT

    Calvin Klein CK18119

    • GunmetalGunmetal
  • Designer

    • prescription-glasses-model-Calvin-Klein-CK18525A-Blue-Havana-45
    • prescription-glasses-model-Calvin-Klein-CK18525A-Blue-Havana-FRONT

    Calvin Klein CK18525A

    • Blue HavanaBlue HavanaNavyNavy
  • Designer

    • prescription-glasses-model-Calvin-Klein-CK18712A-Brown-Horn-45
    • prescription-glasses-model-Calvin-Klein-CK18712A-Brown-Horn-FRONT

    Calvin Klein CK18712A

    • Brown HornBrown HornStriped BlueStriped Blue
  • Designer

    • prescription-glasses-model-Calvin-Klein-CK19508-color-Milky-Brown-45
    • prescription-glasses-model-Calvin-Klein-CK19508-color-Milky-Brown-FRONT

    Calvin Klein CK19508

    • Milky BrownMilky Brown