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  • Next Day Glasses with Premium Lenses and Coatings
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  • The Fastest Delivery for Prescription Glasses
  • Delivered in One Day Even for Strong Prescriptions

Included Premium Features

Thin Lenses

Thin Lenses



easy to clean

Easy to Clean

Scratch Protection

Scratch Protection

UV Protection

UV Protection

Scratch Protection

Scratch Protection



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Same Day Shipping and Next Day Delivery

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Order before 12pm PST for same day glasses manufacturing and next day delivery.
If you still need help, check out our guide on how to order prescription glasses online.

FREE $29.98 Rush Delivery Service on orders $180+ /
FREE 2 Day Air Delivery included with any order

The Quickest Glasses Manufacturing

Glasses Type Manufacturing Days Delivery Time
Single vision Same Day Next Day
Bifocal 1-2 Days Next Day
No-Line Bifocals 1-2 Days Next Day
Progressive 1-2 Days Next Day
Rapid Delivery for Rimless and FL-41 Glasses
FL-41 Tinted Glasses +1 production Day Next Day
Rimless Frames +1 production Day Next Day

Why Choose Us for Fast Eyewear

designer frames overnight

Extensive Frames Selections
for Overnight Delivery

Our stylish frames are not just ready for immediate dispatch, but all are eligible for same day glasses service. Despite the urgency, we ensure style and rapid service go hand in hand.

instant production

Instant Production of Glasses

Under "Instant Production of Glasses", we create most prescription glasses within an hour. Our team's efficiency enables swift manufacturing and minimal waiting time. We prioritize your vision.

next day strong prescriptions

Next Day Glasses Even for
Strong Prescriptions

With 500,000+ lens pairs in our lab, we can rapidly create any prescription strength for next day delivery. Our large inventory readies us to promptly meet your optical needs.

real-time order notifications

Real-Time Order Status Notifications

We ensure transparency at each production stage. You'll receive timely updates, helping you stay worry-free while we diligently craft your glasses. We care for your peace of mind as much as your vision.

virtual mirror

Virtual Mirror for Frame Fitting

Our Virtual Mirror for Frame Fitting lets you virtually try frames using your device's webcam. This tool accurately represents frame size, enabling confident, stylish, and well-fitting frame selections from the comfort of home.

premium lenses

Inclusive Premium Lenses with Every Order

You get boutique-level lenses and coatings as standard. Our express glasses service ensures these premium products reach you within 24 hours, blending superior quality with swift delivery.

high quality assurance

High Quality Assurance Standards

Each pair of glasses we craft undergoes triple checks, exceeding American National standards Institute guidelines. Our quality assurance policy: we only send glasses we'd wear ourselves, ensuring exceptional quality with every dispatch.

satisfaction guaranteed

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction Promise

We address all concerns - quality, size, lost items, or changed prescriptions - through appropriate remedies at no additional charges. Your satisfaction is our ultimate guarantee.

dedicated customer service

Prompt and Exceptional Customer Service

Our skilled team, available via live chat, email, and phone, ensures quick responses and effective solutions. We prioritize your needs, promising a seamless, satisfying interaction.

made in usa

Made in USA

premium glasses

Premium Glasses

overnight air delivery

Overnight Air Delivery

satisfaction guaranteed icon

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Overnight Glasses

  • Fast service for any prescription type and strength.
  • Large selection of frame brands, styles and sizes.
  • Any lens material and coating.
  • Get your glasses delivered home or anywhere you need them.
  • Save hundreds of dollars on the best lenses and frames

Other Retailers

  • Can do only Single Vision glasses.
  • limited selection of frames and sizes.
  • One lens material and coating.
  • Require a store visit and wait time.
  • Overpriced service, frame and lenses.
  • limited on prescription strength and lenses.

Customer Testimonials

live Production Tracking
Receive notifications on your order status

Included With Any Order

No glare lenses

Premium Anti-Glare Coating

Our superior anti-reflective and anti-glare solution significantly enhances light transmission whilst simultaneously mitigating glare. Spectacles treated with our advanced Anti-Glare coating are assured to augment visual precision and provide enhanced user comfort.

Clean lenses

Easy Clean Coating

Effortlessly remove dirt, oil smudges, and dust from your lenses. Our Easy Clean coating renders any lens surface smooth and uncomplicated to clean.

U.V shield lenses

U.V Protection Coating

Assists in shielding your eyes from harmful UV light, whether you're indoors or outside.

Scratch protection lenses

Scratch Resistant Coating

Enhances the scratch resistance of your lenses, thereby extending their lifespan.

Smudge protection lenses

Anti-Smudge Coating

Maintain the cleanliness of your lenses for extende durations. Our Anti-Smudge coating is designed to minimize the adhesion of skin oils and smudges on the lens surface.

Water repellent lenses

Water Repellent Coating

Our superhydrophobic coating is designed to deflect any water-based substances from your lenses, mitigating the accumulation of fog, moisture, and sweat.

Thin lenses

Thin Lenses Guarantee

Your new lenses are assured to be crafted with utmost thinness. Each lens package we provide is tailored to align with your distinct prescription specifications.

Cleaning cloth and spray

Microfiber Cloth and Cleaning Sulution

Premium microfiber cleaning cloth and solution provided to ensure a safe cleaning of your lenses,thereby preventing scratches.

Overnight glasses eyeglasses case

Eyeglasses Case

A robust, foldable case designed to shield your frames from potential scratches and dust. It collapses to a slim size for convenient storage.

Free 2-days air shipping

Free Overnight Shipping (Orders $180+)

Experience our exceptional service with free overnight delivery for orders above $180. Emphasizing our commitment to promptness and convenience, your glasses are meticulously crafted on the same day of your order, facilitating next day delivery directly to your residence.

FAQs on Same Day Glasses

The quickest method to obtain glasses is via Overnight Glasses. We cater to all prescription types and strengths and offer overnight nationwide shipping.

Single vision prescription glasses are crafted on the same day and dispatched overnight, ensuring next-day delivery. Multifocal prescriptions, including progressives and no-line bifocals, are made in 1-2 days and dispatched overnight, ensuring delivery within 2-3 days.

We strive to process and ship every order on the day of placement. Should you order after 12 pm PST, please reach out to us. We will prioritize your order and make every effort to expedite its delivery.

Multifocal glasses, like progressives and no-line bifocals, necessitate additional manufacturing steps, which might extend their production by a day. However, we always aim to dispatch multifocal orders on the same day.

At Overnight Glasses, we treat each rush order with utmost urgency. Orders placed before 12 pm PST are processed and dispatched on the same day. Please note, multifocal lenses might need an additional day for crafting.

Absolutely. We craft glasses of all prescription strengths on the same day. We recognize the urgency for customers with high prescriptions and ensure that premium lenses and optimal coatings are included in every pair.

No, the quality remains consistent regardless of the crafting time. Every pair boasts high-quality coatings—Anti-glare, UV, Scratch protection, Easy-clean—and premium, high-definition thin lenses tailored for your prescription.

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