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Blue Light

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FL-41 Glasses VS. Blue Light Glasses
Can you wear blue light glasses all day?
Do blue light glasses really work?

Face Shape

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How to choose the best glasses for an oval face?
How to choose the best glasses for a round face?
The best glasses for diamond face shape

Dr Jordan Marr, M.Optom

Dr Jordan Marr has over 5-years of clinical and academic optometry experience as well as content creation for online retailers, marketing firms and is a visual science...

Michelle Lievense

Michelle is a contributing writer for Overnight Glasses. Much of her career as a veteran content writer has been in the health and science fields. While writing for Overnight...

Dr. Sara Frye

Dr. Sara Frye (née Gaib) is a highly skilled optometrist and medical writer. She was born in France, grew up in Canada, and now lives in the United States. She did her...