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New Lenses
your frame


We Put New Lenses in any Frame Style and Brand


Replace Lenses In Old and New Frames


Replacement Lenses for any Prescription Type


FREE 2-Days Air Delivery (Orders $150+)


Thin Looking Lenses Guaranteed


The Fastest Lens Replacement Service

How Lens Replacement Works

How lens replacement works

Send us your Current Frame, get it back with New Lenses.

Step 1

Select your lenses

Enter prescription and select your lenses

Step 2

Free shipping

Ship your frame with provided label

Step 3

Fast lens production

We make your lenses in 1-3 days

Step 4

Ship back frame with new lenses

We ship back your frame with new lenses

If you need help on how to pack your glasses, check out our guide.

Order Lenses For Your Frame

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Lens Replacement Production and Delivery Times

Have your frame with new lenses back as fast as 5 days
Prescription type Estimated Lens Manufacturing Days
Single vision 1-2 Days
Bifocal 1-4 Days
Progressive 1-4 Days
Shipping Times
Service Estimated Delivery Times
USPS Free Shipping 2-5 Days
UPS 2nd Day 2 Days

Why Choose Us To Make Your New Lenses


Thin Lenses Guaranteed


Premium Coatings Included


Highest Rated Service

Lenses for designer frames happy women

Lens Replacement for
any Frame Brand

Get new lenses for Bose Audio Glasses, Amazon Echo Frames, Cartier, ProDesign, Ray-Ban, Oakley, Prada, Chanel, MUI-MUI, Tiffany, Nike and any prescription able eyewear.

add new lenses in old frames

New Lenses for Old Frames

Replace lenses in old frames knowing that We inspect each and evrey frame recevied for integrity and will not risk damaging your favorite frames.

Lenses for your prescription

Lens Replacement for
your Prescription

Replacement prescription lenses for any prescription type and strength including prescription lenses for sunglasses.

Fast lens replacement

Fastest Delivery

Lens replacement orders ship to us and back to you with UPS 2-days air delivery. Most orders made same day and deliver back in two days for a complete turn time of just five days.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand behind our quality with our 100% satisfaction guaranteed for any reason whatsoever. We will re-make your lenses or refund your order if you are not satisfied with the quality of workmanship.

Good looking thin lenses

Good Looking Lenses

Your new lenses are guaranteed to be as thin as possible. We take the guess work of choosing your lenses by matching your prescription to the right lens materials.

Prescription Lenses We Can Replace In Your Frames

Eyeglass frame with reading lenses

Near or Reading Single Vision Lenses

Customized prescription reading lenses work much better than regular reading glasses and help keep your eyes fresh longer.

Eyeglass frame with distance lenses

Distance Single Vision Lenses

Premium distance prescripton lenes that correct for myopia. Super thin, even for high prescription strengths. Crisp clear vision while driving, playing and working.

Eyeglass frame with distance lenses
Eyeglass frame with bifocal lenses

Bifocal Lenses with Line

Tradtional lined bifocal for any prescription strength. The lens correct for Distnace and reading with a visible D shaped magnification on the lower part of the lens. Available in clear, Transitions, Blue light protection and Fl-41 tinted lenses.

Eyeglass frame with no line bifocal lenses

No-Line Bifocal Lenses

The latest in bifocal technology by Shamir(tm) Duo (tm). This Freeform digital bifocal lens design corrects for distance and near wihtout a visible line. The reading or mgnification portion is embeded inside the lower part of the lens. Avialable in all lens materials and add-ons.

Eyeglass frame with no line bifocal lenses
Eyeglass frame with progressive lenses

Freeform Progressive Lenses

Our digital freeform progressive lenses correct for distance, near and the intermediate (presbyopia) with smooth transtions between wide visual fields. Customized designs for evrey need including office / computer, driving and sport. Our lenses made by the best brands in the world such as Shamir, Seiko, Varilux and IOT. Avialable in all lens materials and add-ons.

Select New Lenses That Fit With Your Need And Style

Eyeglass frame with clear lenses

High Definition Clear Lenses

Replace your outdated lenses with premium clear lenses. Designed for crisp clear vision.

Eyeglass frame with transitions lenses

Transitions(R) Light Intellgent(R) Lenses

Add Transitions Gen8TM, Xtra ActiveTM, Polarized and Drive Wear lenses in your favorite frames.

Eyeglass frame with blue light lenses

Blue Light Blocking Lenses

Protect your eyes from harmful blue light radiation emitted by electronic devices and screens. Reduce eyestrain and keep your eyes fresh longer with Blue Armor lenses.

Eyeglass frame with polarized sun lenses

Polarized Sun Protection Lenses

Get the best vision outdoors with high-end polarized lenses. Great for the brightest sun conditions.

Eyeglass frame with FL-41 lenses

FL-41 Tint Lenses For Migrane Relief

FL-41 tinted lenses are designed to reduce light sensitivity for those who suffer from migraines and photophobia. Add these to your glasses and see the results.

Eyeglass frame with polarized mirror lenses

Polarized Mirror Coated Lenses

Get the ultimate glare protection lenses in your frame. Our mirror coated polarized lenses guarantee your glasses will block and reflect the most sun glare. Great for drivers and outdoors enthusiasts. Available in Silver, Gold and Blue.

Included Free With Any Lens Replacement Order

No glare lenses

Premium Anti-Glare Coating

Our premium anti-glare and anti-reflection coating excel at increasing light transmittance while eliminating glare. Lenses coated with our Anti-Glare are guaranteed to improve vison clarity and comfort.

Clean lenses

Easy Clean Coating

Easily clean dirt, oil smudges and dust from your lenses. Our Easy Clean coating will make any lens slippery and easy to clean.

U.V shield lenses

U.V Protection Coating

Helps protecting your eyes from harmful U.V light outdoors and indoors.

Scratch protection lenses

Scratch Resistant Coating

Increases your lenses scratch resistance and life expectancy.

Smudge protection lenses

Anti-Smudge Coating

Keep you lenses clean for longer periods of time. Our Anti- Smudge coating will reduce skin oil and smudges from sticking to your lenses surface.

Water repellent lenses

Water Repellent Coating

Superhydrophobic coating will repel any water-based materials from your lenses. Reduce fog, moisture and sweat from sticking to your lenses.

Thin lenses

Thin Lenses Guarantee

Your new lenses are guaranteed to be as thin as possible. Each lens package we offer is matching to your unique prescription values.

Cleaning cloth and spray

Microfiber Cloth and Cleaning Sulution

High quality microfiber cleaning cloth and solution to safely clean your lenses and avoid scratches.

Overnight glasses eyeglasses case

Eyeglasses Case

Durable foldable case that will protect your frames from scratches and dirt. Folds thin for easy storage.

Free 2-days air shipping

Free Two-Days Shipping (Orders $150+)

Get new lenses in your frames as fast as 5 days. Ship your frames to us with UPS 2nd Day Air, we make them in 1-2 days and ship them back to you. Included free with any order $150 and over.

Re-Lens any
Frame Shape and Style

Re lens your frame with new lenses whether they are Cateye, Wayfarer, Aviators, Wrap, Oversized,
Round, Rimless (3 piece), Half-rims, Clubmaster, Rectangle, Square or Oval shaped frames.

Is your frame eligible for lens replacement?



Rimless and 3-piece drill mount frames


Metal frames (prescription able)


Wooden frames


Vintage frames


Sunglasses frames


Audio and smart glasses frames


Plastic and Zyl frames


Full rim sport and wrap frames



Natural Horn Frames


Swissflex (rimless)


Single piece shield lenses


Heart shaped lenses


None rx-able metal frames without screws


Lenses with notches (hooks) in the top rim

    If you’re not sure we can work on your frame you can send us an image of your frame and we will review it.

    Available Lens Materials and Indexes For Your Frame


    Great optics and price for a lower prescription strength.

    1.67 High-Index

    Made for higher prescription strengths to reduce thickness and weight.

    Trivex lenses


    Excellent optics, impact resistance
    and light weight. Good for low-medium
    prescription strengths.


    Good impact resistance and lightweight. Good for sports and medium strength prescriptions.

    1.74 Ultra High-Index

    Good solution for those with very high prescriptions for thin looking lenses and lighter weight.

    Our ordering form will match you with the best lenses for your prescription.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Prescription lenses for your frame start at $60.8 and includes premium anti-glare, easy clean, anti-static, UV protection, and anti-scratch coatings.

    This will depend if your frame can hold prescription lenses. If so, we can work on any such frame including very old and vintage eyewear.

    Yes. We can copy prescription values from your current lenses. Please note that we recommend to recheck you eyes and obtain a recent copy of your prescription if it has been over a year since your previous checkup.

    Only if requited due to a medical condition such as cataract removal, lasik and blindness. Overnight glasses is committed to maintain high product quality and so we do not replace just one eye for any other reason. Different lens materials reflect light differently and when mixed together, can cause headaches, eyestrain and other known eye and health issues.

    This would really depend on your prescription strength and need. Trivex lenses are the best lenses for lower prescription strengths. It is the clearest, lightest and strongest lens material.

    Most lens replacement and new lenses orders are delivering to us and back to you in just 5 days.

    Unfortunately, no. even though we maintain a library of all frames lenses shapes and sizes, we learned that even the same frame model and size will have slightly different lens sizes and may result in the lenses sitting too loose inside the frame. A lens that isn’t sitting tightly inside the frame, can lose its axis and distort your required vision correction.

    Eyeglass Lens Replacement

    Send us your current frame; get it back with new lenses. At Overnight Glasses, we understand the need to save. We do have a great selection of new frames for wholesale prices, but if your old frame can hold new lenses, there is just no need to buy a new one. This is why we developed the first hassle- free, replacement lenses for glasses service. Send us your frame get new lenses service that does not require you seeing your doctor or pass a weird requirements test. Simply enter your prescription, select lenses, print a shipping label, pack and ship the frame to get new lenses in your current, favorite pair of prescription eyewear. Overnight Glasses is the fastest and safest way to replace your lenses in your old or new frames. Ship us your frame and get it back with your new lenses as fast as 5 days.

    What is included in Lens Replacement?

    At Overnight Glasses, we focus on speed, quality and saving you the customer as much as possible. This is also true when sending your own frame for lens replacement. Your frame ships and handled, insured with our replacement or money back guarantee. Your frame will get a five star service, which includes premium high quality FDA inspected new lenses, frame cleaning and screw tightening. Each lens package already includes premium features such as Anti-Glare, Easy-Clean, UV and Scratch protection coatings. If asked, we can even change your old nose-pads.

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