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free Fast 2-Days Air Shipping

FREE Fast 2-Days Air Shipping

premium anti-glare

Premium Anti-Glare

easy to clean lenses

Easy To Clean

UV protected lenses

U.V Protected

scratch resistant lenses

Scratch Resistant




Lenses Replacement for Any Frame Brand

Lenses Replacement
for Any Frame Brand

Get new lenses for Bose Audio Glasses, Amazon Echo Frames, Cartier, ProDesign, Ray-Ban, Oakley, Prada, Chanel, MUI-MUI, Tiffany, Nike and any prescription able eyewear. If you have a prescription able frame, then we can do it!

Prescription Lenses for Your Frame

Prescription Lenses
for Your Frame

Re lens your frame with new lenses whether they are Cateye, Wayfarer, Aviators, Wrap, Oversized, Rimless (3 piece), Half-rims, Clubmaster, Rectangle, Round, Square or Oval shaped frames.

Prescription Lenses Replacement

Prescription Lenses

Replacement prescription lenses for any prescription type and strength including prescription lenses for sunglasses. All our lenses enhance light transmittance with premium anti-glare, are very easy to clean, UV and scratch protected. We put the best lenses in your frames.

Replace Lenses <br>in Old Frame

Replace Lenses
in Old Frame

Replace lenses in old frames knowing that your favorite frame is safe with us and covered for any reason.

Get New<br> Lenses Fast

Get New
Lenses Fast

Lens replacement orders ship to us and back to you with UPS 2-days air delivery. Most orders made same day and deliver back in two days for a complete turn time of just five days.

Satisfaction<br> Guaranteed


We put the best prescription lenses in your frame and we stand behind with our 100% satisfaction guaranteed for any reason whatsoever. We will re-make your lenses or refund your order even for reasons beyond our control.

How To Order

Lens Replacement


Enter Your Prescription


Select Your Lenses


Ship Your Frame for Free

Replacement Progressive Lenses
Replacement Progressive Lenses icon

Replacement Progressive Lenses

Replacement progressive lenses at ease with our vast selection of lens designs by IOT, Shamir, and Seiko. Upgrade your lenses today.

Prescription lenses for any task icon
Prescription lenses for any task

Prescription Lenses For Any Task

Order prescription lenses online for any task and need. Block blue light, Transitions, Polarized and Fl-41 lenses.

Premium Lenses and Coatings
Premium Lenses and Coatings icon

Premium Lenses and Coatings

Premium A+ grade lenses, tested by COLT labs for highest performance and clarity scores. 2-year's warranty on all diamond anti-glare coatings.

Free Frame Insurance
Free Frame Insurance

Free Frame Insurance

Send your frame for new lenses safely with our included shipping and production insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Prescription lenses for your frame start at $60.8 and includes premium anti-glare, easy clean, anti-static, UV protection, and anti-scratch coatings.

This will depend if your frame can hold prescription lenses. If so, we can work on any such frame including very old and vintage eyewear.

Yes. We can copy prescription values from your current lenses. Please note that we recommend to recheck you eyes and obtain a recent copy of your prescription if it has been over a year since your previous checkup.

Only if requited due to a medical condition such as cataract removal, lasik and blindness. Overnight glasses is committed to maintain high product quality and so we do not replace just one eye for any other reason. Different lens materials reflect light differently and when mixed together, can cause headaches, eyestrain and other known eye and health issues.

This would really depend on your prescription strength and need. Trivex lenses are the best lenses for lower prescription strengths. It is the clearest, lightest and strongest lens material.

Most lens replacement and new lenses orders are delivering to us and back to you in just 5 days.

Unfortunately, no. even though we maintain a library of all frames lenses shapes and sizes, we learned that even the same frame model and size will have slightly different lens sizes and may result in the lenses sitting too loose inside the frame. A lens that isn’t sitting tightly inside the frame, can lose its axis and distort your required vision correction.

Eyeglass Lens Replacement

Send us your current frame; get it back with new lenses. At Overnight Glasses, we understand the need to save. We do have a great selection of new frames for wholesale prices, but if your old frame can hold new lenses, there is just no need to buy a new one. This is why we developed the first hassle- free, replacement lenses for glasses service. Send us your frame get new lenses service that does not require you seeing your doctor or pass a weird requirements test. Simply enter your prescription, select lenses, print a shipping label, pack and ship the frame to get new lenses in your current, favorite pair of prescription eyewear. Overnight Glasses is the fastest and safest way to replace your lenses in your old or new frames. Ship us your frame and get it back with your new lenses as fast as 5 days.


What is included in Lens Replacement?

At Overnight Glasses, we focus on speed, quality and saving you the customer as much as possible. This is also true when sending your own frame for lens replacement. Your frame ships and handled, insured with our replacement or money back guarantee. Your frame will get a five star service, which includes premium high quality FDA inspected new lenses, frame cleaning and screw tightening. Each lens package already includes premium features such as Anti-Glare, Easy-Clean, UV and Scratch protection coatings. If asked, we can even change your old nose-pads.