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Green lenses are the best choice when you desire more natural vision. Green lenses are better for contrast than gray lenses and provide a more accurate color representation than brown lenses. Green lenses are great for both sunny and low-light environments.  

Green Glasses


Green sunglass lenses are often called G15 lenses. G15 means green shade 15, a gray/green tint commonly used
for sunglass lenses. The 15 in the name refers to the amount of color blocked; 15% of light is admitted through the
green lens, while 85% is blocked. The lens color was originally developed for pilots to help them maintain clear,
crisp vision against a blue sky. Many green lenses are teardrop shaped and found in an aviator-style frame.
Aviators and G15 lenses were standard for the Air Force in the 1930-40s during WW2.


Gray-green sunglasses lenses are best known for providing the wearer with natural vision in low lighting. They can
be worn indoors to reduce the light to sensitive eyes and outdoors for protection from UV light or harsh
environmental factors like the wind. G15 lenses are an ideal color choice for many with diverse occupations and

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View from a Gray Green Lens

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View From a Gray Black Lens


Green sunglasses lenses are great for multi-purpose use because the lens tint offers many benefits
over both gray and brown lenses.



If you are looking for a lens color that is unique yet versatile, green lenses are an excellent choice! Green lenses are a great neutral color that pairs easily with any sunglass material or color.



Athletes love green sunglass lenses because of the improvements in color balance and contrast. Green lenses are recommended for golf, tennis, pickleball, and other outdoor activities.



Green polarized lenses are perfect for cycling, fishing, and skiing. They are an all-purpose lens for optimal comfort. Also, they are exceptional for viewing the natural colors. This is particularly useful for hikers, campers, cyclists, and photographers.



G15 lenses are best for driving in cloudy, rainy, and foggy conditions. Tinted lenses allow increased light and glare through the lens when compared with a polarized lens.


Green lenses are versatile and available for many different prescriptions and lens types. Green lenses are available polarized, tinted, or as a transition lens. You should choose a lightweight and impact-resistant polycarbonate lens for your sunglasses unless your prescription is extremely high. Green lenses can be made in high-index materials for those with significant near or far-sightedness but will not be shatter-proof.
When selecting a green lens, you should look for a lens with 100% UV protection from the sun. UV exposure is the source of cataracts, eye and skin cancers, and macular degeneration. While the research on blue light is still ongoing, it is possible that blue light may cause changes in the retina and lens.

Polarized Green Lenses

Polarized green lenses are a great choice for driving in bright sunlight or participating in outdoor activities. Polarized lenses provide optimum vision with the best visual clarity. Green polarized lenses reduce the glare off reflective surfaces such as water or snow and make colors pop! Fishermen love polarized lenses because they allow them to see the fish beneath the water. Those who love skiing or snowboarding also love polarized green lenses to cut the glare and reflections from freshly fallen snow.

Polarized Green Lenses
Green Photochromic Lenses

Green Photochromic Lenses

Photochromic lenses that change from clear to tinted with UV light are also available in green color. Though green photochromic lenses are not a substitute for a pair of sunglasses, they are often preferred by doctors for their patients over clear lenses. Green photochromic lenses have UV protection, blue-blocking protection and are convenient for dark-to-light situations.

Tinted Green Lenses

You will receive a G15 tinted lens unless you order polarized green lenses. G15 refers to only the color of the sunglass lens. Tinted green lenses are best in low-light conditions, while polarized green lenses are best in high-light conditions. Tinted lenses offer more natural vision than a polarized green lens.

Tinted Green Lenses


If you order your green lenses from Overnight Glasses, you can receive your order with high-quality, updated prescription green lenses in 24 hours! Our lab provides you with the same quality green lenses it can take weeks to have made elsewhere.  If your order is placed before 12 PM, it will ship out the same day and arrive the following day (excluding Sundays).


Only if requited due to a medical condition such as cataract removal, lasik and blindness. Overnight glasses is committed to maintain high product quality and so we do not replace just one eye for any other reason. Different lens materials reflect light differently and when mixed together, can cause headaches, eyestrain and other known eye and health issues.

This would really depend on your prescription strength and need. Trivex lenses are the best lenses for lower prescription strengths. It is the clearest, lightest and strongest lens material.

Most lens replacement and new lenses orders are delivering to us and back to you in just 5 days.

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