Best progressive lenses online

by , May 18, 2022

Best Progressive Lenses Online

Types of Progressive Lenses

There are many types of progressive lenses that are used for different purposes. The type of progressive lens you choose will depend on what you will use your eyeglasses for. It’s important to get the right type of lens for your lifestyle so that you can get the most out of your eyeglasses.

To achieve the best, most functional vision out of your progressive lenses, it is important to always opt for a Freeform Digital progressive. These lenses have the largest area of clear vision with the least amount of peripheral distortion. Not only will a freeform design give you more clear vision, but they will be much easier to adapt to.

Progressive Lenses for All-Day Use:

  • Shamir Autograph III – With this lens you will receive a wide field of vision without distortion. This design is suitable for all prescription types.
  • SEIKO Surmount WS – This 100% internal free-form lens has very advanced technology to provide wide viewing zones. This lens type is ideal for high prescriptions and will make your lens up to 25% thinner.
  • Varilux X – This high-quality lens provides extended near vision while also maintaining clear distance vision. This lens has multiple points of focus while you are looking in the same direction. This limits head movements needed for comfortable, fluid vision.

Specialty Progressive Lenses:

  • Drive by IOT – This customized lens design is specifically adapted for driving. It provides a wide field of distance vision and is optimized for viewing your side mirrors. While providing excellent vision for driving, these lenses can be used for general tasks too.
  • Office and Computer by IOT – This lens design is most suited for people who spend a lot of time doing near and intermediate tasks. While offering clear vision at the intermediate, these lenses provide optimal clear vision zones for reading and computer work.

You can find all of these high-quality progressive lens designs at OvernightGlasses, where we will fit them professionally and deliver your lenses in record time.

Progressive Lenses Benefits

With progressive lenses, you can wear one pair of eyeglasses all the time. You will be able to drive, read, and use the computer without swapping between glasses.

Progressive lenses don’t have a visible line on the lens. This makes the eyeglasses more cosmetically appealing and is more pleasant to wear than a bifocal or trifocal as there is a smooth transition between prescriptions instead of a sudden change or image jumps.

Progressive lenses can be used to correct many visual problems, such as near-sightedness, far-sightedness, astigmatism, and presbyopia (difficulty focusing on close-up objects).

What You Need to Consider When Getting Progressives

Best Progressive Lenses Online

As with all good things, progressive lenses have their drawbacks too. Here are some things you should consider and how you can avoid them:

  • Peripheral distortion – When blending multiple prescription powers together to create a smooth transition, an area of distortion or “soft focus” can occur on the edges of the lens. The size of this area varies with the quality of your lens and can be distracting and impractical in a low-quality lens.
  • Segment height – If this measurement is too high or too low then your distance and near zones will sit in the wrong part of the lens, causing discomfort and poor vision. It is important to get a good quality lens that has been fitted by a professional to avoid this.

At OvernightGlasses, we use the best lens designs and know how to fit them. We have sold thousands of progressive lenses and have a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all of our glasses. When you purchase your glasses with us, you will always receive the best possible vision.

What Do You Need to Successfully Buy Progressive Lenses Online?

Select the right progressive glasses frame – You need to ensure that your frame is large enough to provide you clear vision at multiple distances. It is also important to avoid very curved frames, as they can compromise your vision. You can find a wide range of designer frames at our designers category.

Know what you need your lenses for – It’s important to decide what you want from your progressive lenses. If you want a lens for daily tasks that will give you great vision at all distances, then you should consider Shamir Autograph III, SEIKO Surmount WS, or Varilux X lens designs. However if you need a more specialized lens that prioritizes distance or near vision, then Drive by IOT (for distance) or Office and Computer by IOT (for near/intermediate) is best for you.

Where to purchase your lenses – Progressive lenses have become very popular and can be purchased through most optical stores and websites. However, many suppliers offer a limited range of lens designs. This means that you will often have to settle for a lens that doesn’t provide optimal vision to suit your needs. At Overnight Glasses, we offer a vast selection of progressive lenses that are customized to suit your lifestyle. We commit to providing you with the best possible visual experience.

Tips for Adjusting to Progressive Lenses

  • Understand how to use the lenses. You may need to adjust your head positioning to look through the correct part of your lens (i.e. tilt head slightly upwards for reading or downwards for distance)
  • Give yourself time to adjust. It can take a week or even a month to adjust to progressive lenses. You can speed the adjustment phase up by wearing your lenses as frequently as possible, especially when you wake up in the morning.
  • Choose high quality, professional progressive lenses. Better quality lenses are easier to adapt to. The best progressive lenses with fastest shipping can be found online at OvernightGlasses!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are struggling to see up-close and far away, progressive lenses are a good alternative to swapping between two sets of eyeglasses. Progressive lenses are also beneficial to people who find it inconvenient to put reading glasses on every time they would like to see nearby objects.

Most frame types can be used for progressive lenses; however a deeper lens (larger vertically) will more comfortably fit all three prescription zones. It is important not to choose a frame that is too small as it may limit your reading vision.

If you are struggling to see nearby objects clearly, then you may have presbyopia. You might find yourself holding objects further away to see them more clearly or you might experience eye strain or headaches after looking up-close. Presbyopia becomes more noticeable after the age of 40 years.

It often takes time to adapt to progressive lenses, however this depends on the quality of your progressive lens. Higher quality progressive lens types are easier to adapt to.

Absolutely. But the final results depend on the lens fittings and your needs. There is not one lens that will satisfy every need and this is the reason we offer a wide range of progressives designs to choose from.

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