How long does it take to get prescription glasses?

by , July 5, 2022

How long does it take to get prescription glasses

How Long Does It Take for Glasses to be Ready?

While the timeframe varies depending on the complexity of your eyeglass lenses, it often takes 2-3 weeks to get prescription glasses. This is from the date that you purchase your glasses up until they are delivered to your doorstep or are ready for you to collect in store. With priority production, glasses can still take 1-2 weeks to be ready to collect. If happen to need to need your glasses fast, Overnight Glasses can deliver your new glasses next day

Some eyeglass stores with an in-store laboratory can grind simple prescriptions on the day of your eye exam, however, their prices are typically higher due to the costs associated with having so much equipment onsite. These stores are also quite limited in the customizability of their lenses (i.e. progressive or multifocal lenses, coatings, and treatments).

Why Does It Take So Long for Prescription Glasses to Be Ready?

With the advances of our society, it has become the norm for our goods to be delivered in a matter of days. However, unfortunately, with personalized products, such as glasses, it’s not quite as simple. The process of making prescription glasses that are customized to your eye prescription, measurements, and frame shape take time. This is due to the many stages involved in the manufacturing process, including shaving the lenses down to your prescription, molding the lens into the shape of your frame, and adding any extra features to your lenses. So you can find one of the quickest ways to get new glasses, however, most probably, you will have limitations in your choice options.

If you are someone with a relatively low prescription looking for a simple single vision lens without additional coatings, it is often faster to receive your glasses and have eyeglasses' quick turnaround time. However, the production process may take a little bit longer if you are getting:

  • Progressive or multifocal lenses – These lenses have more than one prescription power in them, which allows you to see clearly at more than one distance (for example, up close and far away). This also includes specialized lens types, such as occupational lenses.
  • High index material lenses – This is a special material used for higher prescriptions to make your lenses thinner and lighter.
  • Coatings or treatments – These include blue-light blocking coatings, anti-reflective coatings, UV treatments, transition lenses, and polarized filters, among many others.
  • Rimless or semi-rimless frames – Also known as frameless glasses, these are more complicated to fit your lenses into as they have many components that require assembly.

This lengthy timeframe can be quite inconvenient, particularly if you are looking fastest way to get new glasses. With Overnight Glasses, we aim to provide high-quality prescription glasses in record time.

How are Prescription Glasses Made?

Prescription glasses start from a lens blank, which is the basic template for the finished product. This lens blank will be selected based on your lens design and index material. The process of turning a lens blank into your finished set of glasses includes:

  • Cutting the lens blank – In this process, the lens blank is cut into the approximate shape that it needs to be to fit into your selected frame.
  • Grinding the lens into your prescription - Here, the lens is ground down to match your spectacle prescription and eye measurements. For someone with myopia (short-sightedness), the lens will be made into a concave shape whereby the edges will appear thicker than the center of the lens. Alternatively, a hyperopic (far-sighted) prescription will be ground into a convex shape, where the lens is thickest at the center. If you have astigmatism, this will also be ground into the lens at its correct axis (positioning)
  • Polishing – The edges of the ground lens are polished to smooth down its outer surface. Beveling – Bevels are added to the edges of the lens so that they will fit correctly and securely into the selected frame.
  • Treatments and coatings – In this process, the lenses are treated or coated with any additional features that have been requested. Some examples include anti-reflective coatings, UV protection, polarizing filters, transition coatings, and blue-light blocking coatings.
  • Fitting the lenses into the frame

After this lengthy process, the eyeglasses will be prepared for shipment. Shipping time is typically much faster than the manufacturing process and depends on your location and shipping carrier.

Although this is the general process of producing eyeglasses, different laboratories may have slightly differing procedures. Most places will also undergo quality checks to ensure that you are receiving the correct prescription and coating quality. This also requires extra time, particularly for large mass-producing organizations.

How Long Does It Take to Get Prescription Glasses at Overnight Glasses?

At Overnight Glasses, our team commits to making your glasses faster than ever before. Using our rush service, you can receive your single vision glasses the next day if you order before 12 pm PST. The rush service is included free with any order $180 and over and gurrantedd to deliver in 24 hours. Given the complexity of the manufacturing process for progressive and multifocal lenses, we will deliver your glasses in just 3 days. If for any reason, we are unable to ship your glasses on time, your shipping costs will be refunded (please note that we cannot refund this if the cause of delay is weather reasons).

While we can get your glasses to you quickly, be assured that this does not compromise the quality of your order. Our range includes various designer frames, lens types, and coatings to give you the best product for your lifestyle in record time.

Whether you have broken your glasses and need a new set urgently, or if you are simply excited to receive your next pair, our services at Overnight Glasses will ensure that you receive your high-quality order quickly. For more information about our rapid services, please click here.

Most companies will take weeks to deliver your glasses to you, but at Overnight Glasses, we will commit to ensuring that you receive your glasses in a matter of days. Our team quickly and efficiently produces your lenses while maintaining the best possible quality for your glasses.

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