I Lost My Glasses

by , April 1, 2023

I lost my glasses

A lost pair of glasses can be both frustrating and costly. For those with poor vision, we need glasses just to search for our glasses. Fortunately, Overnight Glasses has your back. If you order by 12 PM PST, we guarantee you'll have a brand-new pair of quality glasses tomorrow. This quick turnaround ensures you’re never without the clear vision you need for long. In this guide, we'll also suggest ideas on where to look for lost glasses, tips for finding them quickly, and ways to prevent losing them in the future.

In our guide, we suggest ideas on where to look for lost glasses, tips for finding them quickly, and ways to prevent losing them.

Where To Look For Lost Glasses

If you can’t find your glasses…you may want to start your search in the following areas and locations:

Check Your Car

Cars are a common place to leave your glasses especially if you use them only for driving. Glasses can fall in between seats or on the floor of the car. They may be in the glove box or a cup holder.

Examine Tables/Counter/Desks

Reading, and computer glasses are often left on the table or a countertop. These two types of lenses often make a patient’s distance blurry, and they must take them on and off. If you have been cooking, you may have taken them off after reading a recipe and left them on a nearby countertop or table. Single-vision reading glasses are easy to leave somewhere.

Search Pockets and Purses

If you carry a purse, tote bag, or backpack, you should start there. Often glasses fall to the bottom of a large bag, perhaps behind your wallet or keys. Begin by emptying your bag and checking all pockets and compartments. The light on your phone can be used to search the inside of the bag. It's also possible to have left your glasses in your shirt or pants pockets. Remember that glasses are easily broken in pockets and should be stored properly in a case for protection.

Look in Your Pet’s Hiding Spots

Many types of animals run off with their human possessions. Dogs and cats may create piles or leave your glasses in their favorite corner of the house. You may find them in their beds, houses, or near food and water bowls. Just like your pets, children have been known to take glasses and leave them in their toy boxes.

On Your Head

Like with our sunglasses, when we take our glasses off, we often put them on our heads. It’s almost automatic.

I lost my glasses

Tips To Help You Find Your Glasses Fast

Four important tips may help you find your glasses fast.

  • Remain Calm
  • Although it is easy to panic when you can’t find your glasses, remain calm.

  • Retrace Your Steps
  • Retrace your most recent steps. You will most likely find the place you left them.

  • Search Common Areas
  • Search common areas you have been to: at your house, your job, a restaurant, or in the car. Call any places you have visited recently to see if your glasses have been located

  • Place a Small Bluetooth Tracker on the Frame
  • Small Bluetooth trackers are ideal for finding your glasses. Attach one to your eyeglass frame temple and use your phone app to determine the location.

How To Keep From Losing Your Glasses

To keep from losing your glasses, you may want to consider the following suggestions:

Keep Them in a Case

Glasses should always be kept in a case. A case will protect your glasses lenses from being scratched and make it easier to find them. Place your name and phone number on the inside and outside of the frame case so if you leave them somewhere, you can be reached. Glasses are commonly found by the staff on restaurant tables.

Never Leave Them in the Car

Always keep your glasses with you. They should never be left in the car. Extreme weather conditions can warp the lenses in your glasses or cause the frames to become misshapen. High-index lenses are especially known to craze or become distorted after exposure to extreme heat.

Keep Them on Your Face

The best way to prevent losing your glasses is to keep them on your face. Reading glasses, driving glasses, or computer glasses can be replaced with progressive lenses, so you will not have to take your glasses on and off. You can see all ranges from distance to near with your glasses on.

Have a Designated Space

You are less likely to lose or break your glasses if you have a designated space when you take them off during the day or while sleeping at night. A bedside tray, dresser drawer, or a specially designed box for glasses can be a great designated space for your glasses. Leaving your glasses in the same spot can make it much easier to find them.

Always Have A Spare

Everyone that wears glasses should have a spare pair of glasses. If you break or lose your glasses, you will have a backup pair. With so many frame choices, you will surely find a spare pair at Overnight Glasses. We have a frame for every face shape, fashion style, and price range.

Purchase a Chain/ Lanyard

Many accessory chains and lanyards are available to reduce the risk of losing your prescription glasses. These devices can be hooked to the temple of your glasses to wear around your neck. Having your glasses close to you is convenient, but also reduces the risk of losing them. Many different styles and colors of lanyards and chains are available. You may want to purchase a second one for your sunglasses!

What To Do If They Are Gone For Good

After you have looked in the locations listed above and still can’t find your glasses, it may be time to order a new pair. Overnight Glasses is the best place to order when you need them sent quickly. Overnight Glasses guarantees you will receive your new glasses the next day if you order by 12 PM pst. With our rush service, progressive lenses can arrive at your door in 3 days. Not only is our lab fast, but we provide you with high-quality lenses that can take weeks to have made elsewhere.

We will refund the rush service on your order if your glasses are not delivered as promised. We cannot refund for weather and other reasons connected to mother nature.


Those who wear glasses know how frustrating it can be to lose them and the sick feeling in your chest when you think about the expense of replacing a lost pair of glasses. Every eyeglass wearer should have a spare pair of frames in an emergency. Overnight Glasses can send you a replacement and spare pair within 24 hours! You can get the best glasses, for the best price, in record time!

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