Why do my glasses hurt my eyes

by , February 10, 2024

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Adjusting to a new pair of glasses may take some time, even if you are a long-term eyeglass wearer. The fit of your eyeglasses, including how they feel on your face and behind your eyes, may cause your eyes to hurt. Visual disturbances, headaches, and pain are common while your eyes and brain adapt to a new prescription. This article will address some of the most common reasons your eyes may hurt with a new pair of glasses

Reasons why glasses can hurt the eyes?

Why do my glasses hurt my eyes

Glasses change the way your eyes see the world. The process involves changes in the connection between the brain and your eyes and may cause discomfort during adaptation. New glasses
A new frame shape, size, or weight may take some type to adapt. New frames can change the pressure points on your face and ears, inciting headaches. A change in your lens type may also cause a dull eye ache behind or around your eyes as you adjust to the prescription strength, channels in the progressive lenses, and a new material coating.

What to do

New glasses have an adjustment period, so give yourself up to two weeks to adapt. You may want to wear your new glasses for shorter periods of time, gradually increasing the time as your eyes adjust. Talk to your eye care provider if your eye pain and discomfort don’t improve. Your prescription may need to be adjusted, or the lens type may need to be changed.
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New prescription

When the level of your vision correction changes, your eyes and brain will need to adapt to the new prescription strength. A much stronger prescription than your previous prescription— or with more astigmatism- can lead to initial eye strain. Those new to progressive lenses may struggle to adapt to the different channels with a new pair. Education may be needed to show a patient how to use the lenses by moving your nose towards what you are looking at.

What to do

Again, adjusting to a new level of vision correction can take time. If your eyes have not adjusted to your new prescription over a period of a few weeks, talk to your healthcare provider about reviewing your prescription or changing your lens type.
If your frames fit correctly, new lenses with an adjusted prescription may be helpful. Overnight glasses can help if you need new lenses for your existing frames.

Old prescription

Your vision can change throughout your life as you grow through childhood and adolescence, with computer work, and with the onset of presbyopia, an age-related change. If you haven’t had your vision checked for quite some time, your eye pain may be because of eye strain.
When you don’t have the proper vision correction, the muscles in your eye may work harder to produce a focused image, or you may even squint. This overuse of your eyes can cause pain, fatigue, or discomfort.

What to do

If your prescription is outdated, schedule an appointment for a vision exam to get an updated prescription. When you receive your new prescription, you can replace the lenses in your existing frames or order a new pair of eyeglasses.
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Eye strain

If you spend hours reading on digital devices or the computer screen, you may experience eye strain. Near vision activities that require using the muscles in your eye may strain your eyes. You might not even realize you are straining to see until you develop a headache or eye pain. Small amounts of uncorrected astigmatism or far-sightedness are often the reason for eye strain. A low prescription for computer work can significantly impact how your eyes feel.

What to do

If you’re experiencing headaches and eye strain after a recent change in your glasses or with an outdated prescription, your eye doctor can help you make the necessary adjustments to your prescription. If you’ve never had an eye exam, it may be time to schedule one. Your doctor often recommends specialized coatings that can help protect your eyes from strain and glare.
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If your eye doctor cannot find a reason for your eye pain, you may need additional testing to rule out any more complex eye conditions or health problems that might be causing you pain, including a consultation with a neurologist.

Screen time

Technology is a beneficial tool used in many ways, but exposure to glare from digital screens can impact your vision and eyes. Even with a pair of glasses customized for your vision correction needs, too much screen time can lead to muscle strain and eye pain. Computer vision syndrome, or digital eye strain, is caused by many factors, including screen glare. Reducing your screen time may also improve your eye comfort.

What to do

If you need a new pair of glasses, talk to your provider about ordering your lenses with an anti-glare treatment to reduce glare and reflections. If you are happy with your current glasses, you may be able to order a new set of lenses with an anti-glare treatment. Blue light anti-reflective coatings are also available; however, studies are inconclusive as to their benefits.
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Driving long distances

Driving requires constant attention and focus. Eye strain is common when you constantly change focus from far to near objects. What to do
Ensuring your eyeglasses are updated with a current prescription before a trip is beneficial. Overnight Glasses offers a quick turnaround time if you need a new pair of glasses by a particular deadline. Polarized sunglasses are an alternative option for driving during the day. They can reduce glare off roads and improve your eye comfort.
It’s also important to rest your eyes periodically, taking breaks from driving.


Certain wavelengths of light may cause headaches and migraines. Those with light irises are more prone to light sensitivity. Prescription sunglasses with polarization can protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, improve contrast, and reduce glare.

What to do

Though you can’t always control your environment, you can add special features to your lenses to improve your eye comfort. Specialized photochromic coatings can be added to your lenses to help your eyes transition from light to dark.


There are many reasons why you may be experiencing eye pain. A recent eye health or eyeglass prescription change should be considered first.
Schedule a vision exam with an eye doctor to evaluate your eyes and discuss recommendations related to your eye health and vision. If your eyes have changed, consider replacing your current glasses after other eye problems have been excluded.

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