Prescription Glasses For Round Face Shape
Prescription Glasses For Round Shape

Prescription Glasses For Round Faces

Prescription glasses frames that work best with round face shapes will have angular shapes. Frames shapes such as rectangle, square, bowline and clubmaster will work great and contrast a round face shape.
Selected below are the best prescription glasses for round faces that we can make same day and ship overnight. Get a great looking pair of glasses as fast as tomorrow.

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    Ray Ban RB7118

    • BlackBlackClear PurpleClear PurpleMauve Blue TortoiseMauve Blue TortoiseRoyal BlueRoyal BlueTortoiseTortoise
  • Economy



    • BlackBlackBrownBrownTortoiseTortoise
  • Economy

    • Prescription Glasses Model U204-BLACK-45
    • Prescription Glasses Model U204-BLACK-FRONT

    U 204

    • BlackBlackBrownBrownWineWine
  • Economy

    • Prescription Glasses Model VP212-Black-45
    • VP212-Black-FRONT

    VP 212

    • BlackBlackGoldGoldGunmetalGunmetal
  • Economy

    • Prescription Glasses Model U207-BLACK-45
    • Prescription Glasses Model U207-BLACK-FRONT

    U 207

    • BlackBlackBrownBrownTortoiseTortoise
  • Premium


    GR 802

    • BlackBlack
  • Premium


    VP 111

    • BlackBlackBrownBrown
  • Premium

    • Prescription Glasses Model DC310-BLACK-45
    • Prescription Glasses Model DC310-BLACK-FRONT

    DC 310

    • BlackBlackGunmetalGunmetal
  • Designer

    • prescription-glasses-model-Versa 99988-Tortoise -45
    • prescription-glasses-model-Versa 99988-Tortoise -FRONT

    Versa 99988

    • BlackBlackTortoiseTortoise
  • Economy

    • Prescription Glasses Model WISDOM-BLACK-45
    • Prescription Glasses Model WISDOM-BLACK-FRONT


    • BlackBlackTortoiseTortoise
  • Economy

    • Prescription Glasses Model US80-Tortoise-45
    • Prescription Glasses Model US80-Tortoise-FRONT

    US 80

    • BlackBlackBrownBrownTortoiseTortoise
  • Economy

    • Prescription Glasses Model SCHOLAR-BLACK-45
    • Prescription Glasses Model SCHOLAR-BLACK-FRONT


    • BlackBlackTortoiseTortoise
  • Economy


    U 205

    • BlackBlackBrownBrownTortoiseTortoise
  • Premium

    • Prescription Glasses Model DC139-GUNMENTAL-45
    • Prescription Glasses Model DC139-GUNMENTAL-FRONT

    DC 139

    • GunmetalGunmetalInkInk
  • Premium

    • Prescription Glasses Model COLLEGE-BLACK-45
    • Prescription Glasses Model COLLEGE-BLACK-FRONT


    • BlackBlackBrownBrownTortoiseTortoise
  • Premium

    • Prescription Glasses Model FX29-BLACK-45
    • Prescription Glasses Model FX29-BLACK-FRONT

    FX 29

    • BlackBlackGunmetalGunmetal
  • Designer

    • prescription-glasses-model-Calvin-Klein-Ck19113-Silver-45
    • prescription-glasses-model-Calvin-Klein-Ck19113-Silver-FRONT

    Calvin Klein CK19113

    • SilverSilver
  • Economy



    • Black GoldBlack GoldBlack GunmetalBlack GunmetalTortoise GoldTortoise Gold

What Are The Best Glasses For Round Face Shapes?

Rectangular Frames

Round faces look great with rectangle frames. These frame’s angles help draw the onlooker’s eye to your eyes. They accentuate your cheekbones and balance the overall shape of your face. A lovely compliment to your features, rectangle frames are versatile.

They are able to lend themselves to any classic and modern fashion statement. But they are also able to hold their own in more adventurous looks when you add some color or a thick acetate to your rectangle frames. Thin wire frames or frameless rectangle lenses also carry any round face wearer from casual daytime to high-level professional to evening chic.

Square Frames

Similar to the great match between round faces and rectangular frames, square frames also offer some shape and angles to a face with rounded features. Square frames are also a go-to choice for celebrities with round faces these days, especially if they are made form thick black acetate.

Square frames can offer a clean classic aesthetic or look great when matched to a strong, bold style. When using square frames to accentuate your features and express your style, remember to consider the corners. Sharp corners are bolder than rounded corners but rounded corners can soften any lack of symmetry in your features.

Cat-Eye Frames

A favorite when it comes to choosing the best glasses for round faces are cat-eye frames. Cat-eyes are similar to rectangular frames because they contrast to a round face, drawing onlookers eyes to meet your gaze.

However, cat-eye frames are also fun and often considered timeless. They can reveal an adventurous side, expose you as a unique individual, and still communicate a classy chic look.

Wayfarer Glasses

Wayfarer glasses tend to be softer than rectangular frames. They still accentuate and bring shape to round faces but the softer, rounded edges at the bottom of the frames provide a sleek sophisticated aesthetic.

The wayfarer was popularized in the 1950s, and remains iconic and timeless to this day. The sharpness of the angles in the upper part of the frames is perfect for people who have flatter round faces.

Try Them On Before Placing An Order

Choosing the right frames during an online shopping experience can seem challenging. Luckily, we understand and aim to make every shopping experience as painless and fun as possible.

Try on using our virtual mirror feature that lets you try your glasses on before you buy them. Just click the blue “try-on” at the product page, and you’ll be able to see what any frame will look like before you buy. It’s the best, risk-free way to invest in your new favorite frames.

Get Your Glasses Tomorrow

At Overnight Glasses, we understand that getting your glasses fast is important, sometimes even critical. We are able to guarantee overnight shipping on frames with prescription lenses because we manufacture here in the U.S., using the most advanced lenses and equipment. Unlike many retailers, who have to manufacture and ship from overseas.

Barring some sort of unforeseen circumstance, like a natural disaster or other acts of nature, as long as you select overnight shipping before noon Pacific, your frames will be delivered within 24-hours. For those with multifocal or progressive lenses, you can also select rush delivery for delivery in just three days.

So, shop for the best frames for round faces, try them on using our virtual try-on feature, and rest assured you’ll have your frames delivered to your doorstep fast.