Prescription Glasses For Heart Face Shape
Prescription Glasses For Heart Shape

Prescription Glasses For Heart Faces

Shopping for frames according to your face shape is one of the best ways to get matched to your ideal frames fast. While there may be a number of frames to try on, the best glasses for heart shaped faces are oval, round, and rimless. Find your favorites. Choose the color and material. Then use our virtual try-on feature to narrow your choices and make a final decision. It’s that easy. We narrowed the best prescription glasses shapes below that will enhance your natural heart shaped facial features. Get prescription glasses fast with our ‘frame and lenses in stock and ready’ guaranteed.

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  • Designer


    Michael Kors MK4048 (Kea)

    • Tortoise/GoldTortoise/Gold
  • Designer


    Ray Ban RB7118

    • BlackBlackClear PurpleClear PurpleMauve Blue TortoiseMauve Blue TortoiseRoyal BlueRoyal BlueTortoiseTortoise
  • Economy



    • BlackBlackBrownBrownTortoiseTortoise
  • Economy

    • Prescription Glasses Model U207-BLACK-45
    • Prescription Glasses Model U207-BLACK-FRONT

    U 207

    • BlackBlackBrownBrownTortoiseTortoise
  • Premium

    • Prescription Glasses Model DC141-Tortoise-45
    • Prescription Glasses Model DC141-Tortoise-FRONT

    DC 141

    • TortoiseTortoise
  • Premium

    • Prescription Glasses Model DC316-BLACK-45
    • Prescription Glasses Model DC316-BLACK-FRONT

    DC 316

    • BlackBlackGreyGrey
  • Premium

    • Prescription Glasses Model DC310-BLACK-45
    • Prescription Glasses Model DC310-BLACK-FRONT

    DC 310

    • BlackBlackGunmetalGunmetal
  • Designer

    • prescription-glasses-model-Calvin-Klein-Ck20109-Gunmetal-45
    • prescription-glasses-model-Calvin-Klein-Ck20109-Gunmetal-FRONT

    Calvin Klein CK20109

    • GunmetalGunmetal
  • Economy

    • Prescription Glasses Model WISDOM-BLACK-45
    • Prescription Glasses Model WISDOM-BLACK-FRONT


    • BlackBlackTortoiseTortoise
  • Economy

    • Prescription Glasses Model US80-Tortoise-45
    • Prescription Glasses Model US80-Tortoise-FRONT

    US 80

    • BlackBlackBrownBrownTortoiseTortoise
  • Premium

    • Prescription Glasses Model COLLEGE-BLACK-45
    • Prescription Glasses Model COLLEGE-BLACK-FRONT


    • BlackBlackBrownBrownTortoiseTortoise
  • Premium

    • Prescription Glasses Model FX29-BLACK-45
    • Prescription Glasses Model FX29-BLACK-FRONT

    FX 29

    • BlackBlackGunmetalGunmetal
  • Economy



    • Black GoldBlack GoldBlack GunmetalBlack GunmetalTortoise GoldTortoise Gold
  • Economy

    • Prescription Glasses Model VP131-GUNMETAL-BLACK-45
    • Prescription Glasses Model VP131-GUNMETAL-BLACK-FRONT

    VP 131

    • GunmetalGunmetalGold BlackGold BlackGold TortoiseGold Tortoise
  • Economy

    • Prescription Glasses Model ACADEMY-BLACK-45
    • Prescription Glasses Model ACADEMY-BLACK-FRONT


    • BlackBlackBrownBrownTortoiseTortoise
  • Economy

    • Prescription Glasses Model U203-BLACK-45
    • Prescription Glasses Model U203-BLACK-FRONT

    U 203

    • BlackBlackBurgundyBurgundyTortoiseTortoise
  • Premium



    • BlackBlackClearClearGrey BlueGrey BlueTortoiseTortoise
  • Premium

    • Prescription Glasses Model SplitC-Black-45
    • Prescription Glasses Model SplitC-Black-FRONT

    Split C

    • BlackBlackGrey/BlueGrey/BlueTortoiseTortoise

What Are The Best Glasses For Heart Face Shapes?

Oval Frames

Not everyone matches oval frames to heart shaped faces but the truth is, they look great! Oval frames are a great match for those with wide temples or cheekbones. But their rounded edges help to soften the sharper angles of heart shaped faces along the top of the forehead and lower jawline. Oval rimless are often a great combo that many heart shaped celebrities gravitate toward.

Round Frames

When seeking the best glasses for heart shaped faces, round frames are a great choice. The roundness of the glasses compliments the wide rounded features of heart shaped faces at the eye line. And round frames are a favorite for those looking for versatile frames that can go from daytime play to work to a night out.

Wayfarer Frames

Heart-shaped faces are well-matched with the contemporary look of wayfarer frames. Their winged temples are similar to cat eye frames, but with less emphasis. This look draws attention up and away from the chin while balancing your other features.

Aviator Frames

Aviator frames are rounded to offer balance to a heart-shaped face. They downplay a wider forehead while drawing attention upward from the chin. Aviators are a frame shape most often associated with sunglasses. They communicate adventure and a bold style.

Clubmaster Frames

Clubmaster frames are considered a glamorous, fashion-forward shape for the elegant heart-shaped face. They compliment the wide forehead and temple area of heart faces while de-emphasizing the often sharp point of the chin.

Rimless Glasses

Heart shaped faces look great in rimless glasses because there are no thick or colorful frames to distract from their naturally attractive heart shape. Often symmetrical, heart shapes don’t need a lot of harsh angles to compliment their look. Softer edges like oval and round frames are ideal. Rimless glasses are the best choices given their softer angles and invisible edge.

Try Them On Before Placing An Order

Anyone who may be having trouble making a final decision will love our virtual try-on feature. Put together the list of glasses you think look great. Then let the virtual try-on feature help you narrow your choices to the frames that look best on your heart-shaped face. It’s the best tool available to make sure you love your new glasses before you ever hit the buy button.

Get Your Glasses Tomorrow

While other companies make you wait to get your glasses, we understand that getting your prescription glasses fast can make all the difference. Just select Rush Delivery when you place your order before noon Pacific Time. We’ll process your prescription without sacrificing quality and still get your frames shipping overnight - three days for multifocal and progressive lenses. Place your order now for brand name frames, high-quality lenses, and fast delivery.