Making the right choice when buying glasses online

So you have decided to purchase your next pair of glasses online. For many reasons, you have made the right choice, but there are many online retailers that sell glasses online. Each retailer has its own limitations and benefits and it is very important to find one that will ultimately deliver the most bang for your buck.

The concerns of buying glasses online

Many of the retailers that sell glasses online are actually located and manufacturing outside of the USA. These manufactures are mainly concern with lowering costs in order for them to deliver a final product that will have the lowest price. This low price has additional unseen costs attached to. As of this date, no one is regulating overseas manufactures of prescription eyeglasses for the use of materials prohibited from import to the USA which can cause headaches, skin irritation, eye-strain and can even escalate to migraines and severe allergic reactions. Other minor disadvantages of these manufactures can be very long waiting time of few weeks and customer service who are not experienced to give you the support you need.

couple bought glasses online

So why not a brick and mortar retailer?

As users of eyeglasses, we depend on these medical vision correction devices to perform efficiently throughout our day. This is why many of us prefer and used to visit our local eyewear retailer for our eyeglasses so we may guarantee they work properly. Each and every pair of eyeglasses we purchase at our local retailer has been inspected both at the manufacturing lab and also by our personal optician. But this will also have additional cost attached to which in some cases deter us and cause us to downgrade from the product we really need.

Overnight Glasses provides solutions

Seeing these issues, and most importantly, experiencing these issues ourselves, we have decided to take action. Thus, Overnight Glasses was created to counter and improve current industry standards and provide you, the user, with a product that exceeds your current expectations.

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How we do it

Having the highest grade of lenses and eyewear frames is important to us as much as it important to you. This is why we have compiled a team of caring individuals from all aspects of the prescription eyeglasses industry such as dispensing and manufacturing glasses, all with substantial experience and a record for making prescription eyeglasses, while supporting the consumers. Up to now, we have accumulated the combined experience of over 150 years (and growing) in manufacturing and dispensing the best prescription glasses for the best possible price guaranteed! Our staff members, families, friends and even friends of friends are all purchasing glasses online from Overnight Glasses and will religiously continue you to so. Not only because our eyeglasses are well made and for an affordable price, but mainly because we listen to our customers and make our experience available to you an email or phone call away. As our motto state, ‘We don’t mass produce eyeglasses we tailor them’.


U.S made Guaranteed

In order to support such statements, we believe that all prescription glasses online should be made in the U.S. Yes, the obvious reasons will be faster shipping and you can speak with an American certified, experienced opticians, but the real reason is that there are standards to be maintained. Standards such as frame materials, lenses integrity, and coatings are being supervised by our FDA and must oblige The American National Standard (ANSI).

The difference can be seen (literally)

We emphasis and maintain on our personnel quality, but in order to make the best pair of glasses you also require the best equipment. Overnight Glasses use the most advanced and new lens or prescription manufacturing equipment by brands that are tested worldwide to produce the absolutely most accurate prescriptions on distance, near, bifocal, and digital free-form progressive prescription types. To compliment a good lens one must also have good coating. As glasses users we tend to scratch our lenses and while this is never unavoidable, Overnight Glasses takes measures to insure the longevity of your new purchased eyeglasses lenses by providing free of charge anti-scratch and U.V protection on all of our lenses (excluding the basic uncoated 1.50) that prolong the life of your lenses but also improve object sharpness such as our signature premium anti-glare and easy-clean coatings.

glasses online made in the USA

Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back

We are always doing our best to give you the best pair of glasses online and guarantee the most bang for your back. If for any reason whatsoever, you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply free ship the product back to us and we will try our best to correct it as fast as possible or fully refund you.