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Mirrored sunglasses are a type of sunglasses where the
lens has a reflective coating that makes it look like a mirror
from the outside. Mirror coatings reflect bright lights away
from your eyes and reduce it, making it more comfortable
to see in bright light conditions.


Maximum Glare ProtectionMaximum Glare Protection

UV and Scratch ProtectionUV and Scratch Protection

Easy Clean CoatingEasy Clean Coating

Free Overnight ShippingFree Overnight Shipping

Premium Anti-GlarePremium Anti-Glare

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Select a frame that match
your style and size

Select a Frame

You can sort by brand, color, style, and size. If you have an existing frame that you would like to use, you can select our lens replacement service.

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Enter your prescription

Enter your Prescription

This is also where you will enter your PDs (pupillary distance) and lens type (i.e. single vision, bifocal, or progressive lenses).

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Select the outdoors polarized
lenses package and add
your mirror coating

Select your Package

After selecting The outdoors polarized lenses package, select your mirror coating color.

Overnight Glasses is committed to provide high-quality glasses in record time. Mirrored prescription sunglasses can be delivered in just 24 hours! If you order your sunglasses before 12pm PST, you will be able to wear them the very next day. Rush service is provided free with any order $180 and over.

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Benefits of Mirror Coatings

Adding a mirror coating to your prescription sunglasses is a great way to improve your vision
outdoors. Some of the benefits of mirrored sunglasses include.


UV Protection

Quality mirror coatings include 100% UV protection, which will protect your eyes and surrounding skin from sun-damage.

Glare Reduction

Glare Reduction

Mirrored sunglasses reduce glare and bright light more than other sunglasses, which makes them great for people who are sensitive to bright lights. These sunglasses will reduce symptoms associated with blinding glare.

Scratch Resistant

Durable and Scratch Resistant

Mirrored lenses are much more resistant to scratches compared to other lens types. This stronger pair of sunglasses is great for playing sports without worrying about getting your lenses scratched.



Mirrored coatings prevent other people from seeing your eyes. Some people prefer these lenses as they provide more anonymity and are more comfortable to wear in public places.



Mirrored sunglasses are available in many colors and provide a more unique and stylish look than other sunglass types.

The Best Colors of Mirror Coating

Mirrored prescription sunglasses are available in many colors. This customizability allows you to choose lenses that suit your style and your lifestyle. At OvernightGlasses we make available the best colors of mirrored lenses with our polarized lenses packages. The polarized film color inside the lens is used to enhance your chosen mirror color and is not visible.



This lens color reduces glare without compromising your vision. Silver mirrored lenses with gray polarized film helps you to maintain your depth perception, which is great for activities that require precise vision such as driving.



Getting blue mirrored sunglasses calms the eyes. This mirror coating color comes with a green-gray polarized film that will reduce glare while improving color perception while enhancing the contours around objects. Blue mirrored sunglasses are great for activities around water and snow.



This color of mirrored lenses comes with a brown polarized film that is great for any outdoors activity. It provides good color contrast especially when sun conditions are not the brightest. This will improve visibility on dull or cloudy days.

FAQs about
Mirrored Prescription Sunglasses

Mirror-coated lenses have a highly reflective coating on the front surface of the lens. This coating reflects glare off the front of the lens and as a result less glare reach the eye.

Mirrored prescription sunglasses are available with your prescription. Single Vison, Progressive, and No-Line Bifocals can be made with mirror coating.

When choosing your mirrored sunglasses frame, you need to consider what you will be using your glasses for. If you need more protection from the sun and bright light, then it is best to choose a more wrapped frame with larger lenses. Click here if you require ore help in choosing a good fitting frame.

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