Are Progressive Lenses Good For Computer Work?

by , February 24, 2023

glasses for computer work

Most of us spend at least part of each day working on a computer or facing some other kind of digital screen. These screens have helped make our jobs and lives easier, but at what cost? Computers and other digital screens emit blue light that can contribute to digital eye strain. Special blue light lenses or computer glasses are designed to cut back on digital eye strain, but what about progressive lenses?
Progressive lenses are eyeglass lenses that combine multiple strengths of vision correction blended into a single, seamless lens. Think of bifocals without the lines.

Do Progressive Lenses Work for Computers?

Progressive lenses can be customized for different lifestyles and tasks. This includes progressive lenses that are customized for computer work and will excel at that specific task. These progressive designs are meant to correct for the near and intermediate visual fields but not for distance. You can even customize these computer progressive lenses for your office or work environment size. For example, you can tailor your lenses for 6ft which will be your desk and near the surrounding environment but please note that the larger the distance you wish to have correction for, the narrower your reading or near visual lens field will be.

If you have hyperopia or presbyopia, you probably need to squint or strain to see objects closer to you. If you have this kind of vision problem, you likely need corrective lenses to see what’s on a computer screen. You may also need a combination of these prescriptions, requiring a lens that offers more than one type of correction. If this is the case, progressive lenses could give you multiple types of correction all in the same lens.

glasses for computer work

Using a PC versus a laptop

Your vision correction needs may vary based on the specific type of screen you’re using, too. The distance from your eyes to the screen can be different using a desktop computer versus a laptop. Be sure you talk to your eye doctor about your specific needs when getting a new prescription for vision correction.

How Progressive Lenses Work

Progressive lenses work by combining multiple lens types into one solid lens. With these lenses, the magnification increases from the top to the bottom of the lens without any visible seam or transition. This lets you see at varying distances with the same lens.

The Comparison of Progressive Lenses and Blue Light Computer Lenses

Progressive lenses provide prescription-strength vision correction, but glasses specifically designed to help with computer work may not.

Although some prescription lenses, like progressive lenses, may feature blue light filtering, blue light-only computer glasses may also be sold without prescription vision correction. These glasses are intended only to filter blue light and help prevent digital eye strain.

Some computer glasses are designed to offer a bit of vision correction, specifically as you focus on a digital screen and then on other things off the screen. These glasses are ideal for people who do a lot of work on computers 20 to 26 inches away and can offer a bit of vision correction to help you transition from seeing things on and off the screen.

glasses for computer work

How To Order Progressive Lenses at Overnight Glasses?

You can order progressive lenses from Overnight Glasses by choosing a frame and selecting a progressive lens that matches your prescription. There is more than one style of a progressive lens, with choices to fit every lifestyle.

Once you’ve made your selections and submitted your prescription, you are ready to place your order. You can choose specific progressive lenses for your needs, including those that are:

  • Designed for computer work
  • Designed for correcting near and far vision impairments

Learn more about progressive lenses. To select progressive lenses specifically for computer work from Overnight Glasses, select the office/computer option after choosing a progressive lens that matches your prescription.


Progressive lenses give you multiple types of vision correction in a single lens without lines or separations. These lenses are ideal for people who need help seeing at different distances. In some cases, progressive lenses may be tailored to reduce eye strain from working with computers or other digital screens, and some can even filter blue light. However, not all computer or blue light glasses offer vision correction. Be sure you know exactly what you are ordering, and make sure it will meet your vision needs.

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