Can you get new lenses for old frames?

by , September 23, 2022

can you get new lenses for old frame

Replacing the lenses in your current set of glasses is a great way of repurposing an old pair of glasses that you love.

Why Would You Want to Get New Lenses for Your Old Glasses?

If you simply love your current eyewear, and need an updated prescription or refresh scratched lenses, getting new lenses for your old frame is a great idea. This allows you to keep your current frames and style without wearing an outdated lens.

Replacing the lenses in your current glasses is usually cheaper than purchasing a whole new set of glasses.

Are Used Eyeglasses Suitable for New Lenses?

While most frames are suitable for replacing the lenses, there are some guidelines to determine if your glasses can be used for new lenses:

  • Do not use a damaged frame – This includes frames that are twisted or bent, as well as glasses with broken hinges, or a frame material that is flaky or worn down. If any of these apply to your glasses, you should look at purchasing a new frame.
  • Do not use a poorly fitting frame – If your glasses are too tight or are falling off your face, it is best to purchase a new set of glasses. This is also the case if your glasses look too narrow or wide on your face. If your glasses are fitting poorly, it’s best to buy a new set of glasses.
  • Do not use a frame that is inappropriate for your lens type – If you are changing your lenses to a different lens type then you need to make sure your frames are still suitable. For example, if you are getting progressive lenses then a frame with lens height lower than 30mm will not be adequate.

How to Do Lens Replacement by Yourself?

Replacing your lenses by yourself is straightforward but requires caution and care. It is important to understand the different replacement processes for plastic versus metal frames.

Plastic and acetate frames

Replacing the lenses in plastic frames can be made easier by warming the frame. This will soften the glasses frame to allow the old lenses to be removed and the new lenses to be put in. However, be careful not to overheat your frames as you can easily damage or melt your frames.

Once your frame is warmed up, you can pop the lenses out – the same process can be used to pop your new lenses in.

Metal Frames

Metal frames are different to plastic as you cannot heat them to loosen the lenses. Instead, you will need to use a small screwdriver to remove the screws that hold the lenses in place.

Once you have removed the lenses, you can line your new lenses up in the grooves of the frame and tighten the screws.

How Does it Work?

Getting new lenses for your glasses at Overnight Glasses is simple! Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Select your lens type – Here you will select what type of lens you need, whether that be near/reading, distance, bifocal (with or without line), or progressive. You can also select extras such as impact resistance, which is great for children under 18, sports, and for active users.
  2. Enter your prescription – Next, you enter your prescription so that we can make sure that your lenses will provide you with the best possible vision.
  3. Select a lens package – This is where you select the features for your lens. This includes getting a thinner lens (for higher prescriptions), adding transitions, tints, polarizing, and/or blue light coatings.
  4. Review order and select shipping options – Here, you will make sure that your order is correct and select either free shipping or our Replacement Rush Service.The rush service is included for free with any order $150 and over.
  5. Proceed with checkout – This is where you can select your payment method.
  6. Ship your glasses to us – Print a USPS or UPS shipping label, pack and ship your frame. We will do the rest of the work to ensure you receive your new lenses in record time.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Lenses In Glasses?

The cost of your lenses will depend on your prescription, lens type, and any coatings you add. Prescription lenses for your frame start at $60.80 and include premium anti-glare, easy clean, anti-static, UV protection, and anti-scratch coatings. Shipping is also free both ways.

Where To Get New Lenses For Old Frames?

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Often, replacing your lenses by yourself can be stressful, and replacing your glasses through an optometric practice can take a long time. Instead, Overnight Glasses has a lens replacement service that offers:

  • Cheaper price – Prescription lenses start at just $54 including premium anti-glare, easy clean, anti-static, anti-smudge, UV protection, and anti-scratch coatings. Shipping is also free both ways.
  • Better lenses – Overnight Glasses use premium A+ grade lenses, with lenses made at 100% accuracy or you will get your money back. We also offer any lens type, and can replace lenses in any frame shape and brand.
  • Fastest free two-way delivery – Any order $150 and over includes free UPS 2 days shipping to us and then back to your required address. Guaranteed to deliver in less than a week.

FAQs On Lens Replacement

No, you do not need to get your eyes tested again to get new lenses made for your frames. We recommend re-checking your eyes and obtaining a recent copy of your prescription if it has been over a year since your previous examination.

Unless you have a medical reason to have only one lens replaced, then you must get both lenses replaced. Medical reasons include ocular surgery (such as getting your cataracts removed or getting LASIK) or blindness. This is because different lens materials and coatings reflect light in different ways, which can cause headaches and eye strain. At Overnight Glasses, we commit to providing you with high quality products and the best possible vision.

It usually takes less than a week for us to receive your frames, make your new lenses, and deliver them to you. Please note that this time varies depending on the complexity of your lens type (for example, a progressive lens may take longer than a single vision lens).

If you love your old frames and they are still in good condition, then it is a great idea to replace the lenses in your glasses. This is a cost-effective way of putting your old frames to good use while still having clear vision.

This depends on how clear your vision is and the condition of your current lenses. If your vision is not clear, or if you are getting eye strain then it is a good idea to get your eyes tested again and replace your lenses. You should also get your lenses replaced if your prescription has changed.

If your prescription has not changed, but your lenses are damaged, it is also best to replace your lenses. Having scratched or damaged lenses reduces the clarity of your vision and can cause discomfort, headaches, and eye strain.

Unfortunately, you cannot get your lenses replaced without sending us your current frame. This is because your frames need to be scanned and traced so that your lens is the perfect size and shape for your frame. Even though we have a library of all frame shapes, sometimes the same frame model and size will vary slightly. A very small difference in lens size or shape will cause your lens to sit too loosely or too tight within the frame, which can cause the lens to pop out or lose its axis.

If you need to wear your glasses all the time, then it is recommended that you have a spare pair to wear when you send your frames away. Luckily, at Overnight Glasses we commit to making and delivering your new lenses in record time.

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