How to Choose the Perfect Frames for Your Prescription Glasses

by , June 27, 2023

How To Choose The Perfect Frames For Your Prescription Glasses

Choosing the perfect frames for your prescription glasses can be overwhelming. With so many colors, shapes, sizes, and materials, how do you decide? Are you looking to stand out or blend in? Are you looking for a classic look that you can wear for years or something funky everyone compliments you on? Our guide suggests where to start when looking for a frame and factors to consider when finalizing your selection.

Steps of Choosing Frames for Prescription Glasses

1. Identify your face shape

Although it’s not a hard rule, your face shape can help guide your frame choice. Our guide on frame shape may be a helpful start. Face shapes include round, square, diamond, oval, and heart. The right shape should not match the shape of your face but contrast it. If you aren’t sure, you can use our virtual try-on and it will find your face shape, you can have someone trace the shape of your face or have someone else compare your face to the common shapes.

2. Identify your skin tone

Skin tone is determined by the amount of melanin or pigment in your skin. 4 main skin tones exist light, fair, medium, or deep, and 3 skin undertones: warm, cold, and neutral. Experts on skin tone recommend looking at the color of your veins to determine the undertone. If the color of your veins is blue or purple, you have a cool undertone. You have a warm skin tone if your veins appear greener or green-blue. Emerald green, purples, lavender, pink, light blue, and bright blues may look better on those with a cool undertone. Peach, coral, and neutral tones frames like beige and gray are good choices for those with a warm undertone.

3. Consider the angles of your face shape

If you have a square-shaped face, a round, oval or cat-eye-shaped frame will break up the angles and balance your face. If you have a round shape, a frame with more width, angles, and square shape is preferred. Decorative elements at the top of the frame, a cat-eye, or a rimless frame are ideal for a diamond-shaped face. You are lucky if you have an oval-shaped face because you can wear almost any frame shape. A heart-shaped face is best accentuated with a frame with a thick browline, aviator, or cat-eye frame.

4. Consider your lifestyle

If you have an active lifestyle, you should consider frame weight and durability. Metal frames made of titanium are lightweight and more durable. They are great for sports. Some patients prefer the sturdy feeling of an acetate frame on the face. If you participate in certain sports, one material or the other may be more comfortable with your existing equipment, like a bike or football helmet or a catcher’s facemask.

5. Choose frames fitting your personality

Eyewear should be fun! It should reflect your personality and style. Bright colors and fun shapes will garner the attention of others. Cat eyes frame your eyes and bring femininity to your look. Who doesn’t want to hear, “I love your glasses.” Sometimes, you may prefer something to blend in and wear a frame that you can barely see on your face. There is a frame available for every personality type.

6. Consider your prescription

If you have a prescription with a high minus number, it may be best to choose a smaller size frame with a thicker edge (bevel). The thick edge of the lens will be hidden by the frame edge and result in an improved appearance. If you have a high plus prescription, your lenses will be the thickest in the middle, and a small, round, or oval frame is best. With a higher prescription, your lenses will be heavier, and the frame’s weight should be considered. Metal frames tend to be lighter than acetate frames but may not conceal a thicker lens.

How To Choose The Perfect Frames For Your Prescription Glasses

What factors should be considered in frame selection

You should consider a frame’s material and style, color and finish, fit and comfort, and your budget when selecting a frame.

Frame Materials and Styles

Frames are primarily made from a combination of metals, titanium or acetate. Metals are lighter, thinner and tend to need fewer adjustments. Acetate, or as some call it, “plastic,” is available in more styles, colors, and shapes. It is extremely important the frame fits correctly, as fewer adjustments can be made for fit. Patients who are looking for a more bold look may prefer acetate over metal. Some patients think acetate is more durable than metal, but durability depends on the combination of metals. Metal frames are made in many colors but are most commonly available in gold, silver, and black.

Frame Colors and Finishes

Frames are produced in every color and in several finishes. Tortoiseshell is always a classic color and looks good on every complexion and every hair color. Translucent frames like blush, gray, and clear are contemporary but classic. They are easily matched with anything in your wardrobe. Bright colors like purple, green, and red are great statement eyewear colors. Acetate frames can be found in glossy or matte finishes. While matte may be less common, they are a great look for both men and women.

Frame Fit and Comfort

The fit of the frame and how it feels on your nose and ears may be the most important factor to consider. The bridge of the frame should sit high enough on your nose that your pupils are centered in the middle of the frame. The temples of the frame should be long enough to fit over your ears but not too tight to cause pressure. If the bridge of your nose is low, nose pads may be needed to keep the frame in the correct position and to prevent the frame from sliding.


We have a frame and lens package for every budget. A quality frame is often worth the investment. Instead of having to replace a frame every year, a quality product will last longer, so you may not have to purchase new glasses as often.

Where to find the best frames

At Overnight Glasses, you will find the newest and latest in designer frames. We have something for everyone, no matter your prescription or the look you desire. Whether you are looking for something funky and artistic or something more conservative and classic, you will find a variety of unique frames for your prescription on our website. Our virtual try-on allows you to see your appearance in each frame. The virtual mirror will place the frame on your face to give you an idea of the fit and look.


Choosing the perfect frame can be difficult because so many options, colors, shapes, and sizes exist. By following our guide, we are confident you will find a frame you love, or if you can’t narrow it down to just one, purchase a second! Every glasses wearer needs variety in their frame collection…just like shoes…you need the perfect frame for each occasion!

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