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Free form Digital Progressive Lenses

Free form Digital Progressive Lenses (FFD PALS) are Progressive lenses that are manufactured using a new digital free form technology. The new lens is far superior to conventional progressive lenses but not as widely spread as the older designs.

Free form Digital Progressive Lenses versus Conventional Progressives Lenses.

In The last two decades, tremendous technological advancements and computer modeling enabled lens manufactures to develop and produce a new kind of Free Form Digital Progressive Lens (FFD PALs). This lens has many substantial advantages over a conventional progressive lens, providing the user with an almost perfect, distortion free, vision correction at all ranges.

Wider Field Of Vision

The first and perhaps the most important to the user, is that free form Digital Progressive Lenses provides a much wider field of vision. The first reason for this is that the visual correction design in FFD PALs is created on the back of the lenses rather than on the front. This allows to eliminate the key hole effect* common to conventional progressive lenses. In addition, computer aided surface designer software (Digital Ray Path) largely eliminates peripheral distortion and provides a field of vision that is around 20% wider than in a conventional progressive lens.


Free form digital progressive lenses are called Free form because they can be fully customized. Manufactures of the lenses are not limited by a fixed or a static design, but can fully customize your vision correction for optimal results. In the same way a tailor fit you with a new outfit, different personal measurements are taken into the account. Measurements such the distance between the eye and the lens, angle at which lenses are placed relatively to the eyes and in some cases even the shape of the eye. These enables us to create a fully customized progressive lens that will give you the patient, the highest possible vision performance.



In the old days, optical manufacturing equipment was capable to produce progressive lenses with a precision of 0.12 diopters. New Digital Free form Progressive Lenses are made using the digital ray path technology software which allows us to manufacture a lens that is precise up to 0.0001 diopters. Almost the entire surface of the lenses will be used for proper visual correction. This technology also enabled us to produce a top performing progressive lens that can be used in wrap-around (high curve) sun and sports eyewear.

What our customers think?

When you buy progressive lenses from us you get the absolutely best designs. In the last five years, Overnight Glasses dispensed several thousand Free Form digital Progressive and Single vision lenses to customers that had experience with older lens designs that were manufactured on conventional equipment. Our findings were, that customers who had a difficulty to adapt when changing their prescription, reduced it to almost zero, and that most of the users expressed owe and gratitude for enabling them to experiences the new technology. One very common opinion was that the experience of wearing these new lenses can be described as if they have just changed from a very old TV to the ` latest model of Digital 4K HD TV. The Bottom line is, using Free form digital progressive lenses for vision correction is improving quality of life.


Our Promise

We guarantee that the free form digital progressive lenses we manufacture, are the most technologically advanced and most user friendly. 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.

*In the same way we peep through a keyhole, you are able capture more of the image the closer the keyhole is to your eye.


Check size on your frame

Most frames have size displayed on the inside of the frame arm

Or use a ruler

Use a ruler to measure your existing frame as shown below. Frame sizes are measured in millimeters, so you need to use a ruler that is marked in centimeters and millimeters. If you don't have millimeter ruler, you can click here to print it, or take measurements in inches. Note that measurements in inches need to be taken with the precision of 1/16 (one half of 1/8 if your ruler does not have more precise markings)

I got it! Here is My Size


Measure your PD

In some cases your vision correction doctor may forget to give you your PD (pupillary distance). The best option will be to ask your doctor to measure it. It is part of your prescription and an eye doctor needs to provide it.

If this is not possible, you may use the methods listed below.

The easiest way:
1) Wear any glasses with clear lenses.
2) Use a mirror or ask a friend or family member to mark your pupil location on the clear lenses using a dry erase marker. They must stand in front of you and be at the same height as yours. If you use a mirror make sure you stand 3ft from the mirror and your general stare is directed to the center of the glasses.
3) Using a ruler with a millimeter range, measure the distance between the two dots and that’s your PD

If you don’t have in your possession glasses with clear lenses, you may measure your PD using this method:
1) Obtain a ruler with millimeter values
2) Place the ruler horizontally on your nose bridge, zero slightly below your right eye;
3) Ask a friend or use your mirror to see the distance on the roller. The distance measured is your PD.

Although we don’t recommend this option, if you are unable to use the methods above, you may use the general PD for: Women 62 and Men 64.